4 Ways to Control Clutter in Your Child’s Bedroom

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Sometimes you may feel a bit overwhelmed when you see the mounting clutter in your child’s bedroom. However, there are ways you can control clutter and feel less anxious about the amount of toys and miscellany that seem to accumulate over time in your child’s domain.

1. A Place for Everything

To keep you child’s room organized, it’s important to teach him that every item he uses has a certain place it should go when he’s not using it. That way, an item can be readily found and also be given a home other than the random spot he chooses to toss it when he’s not using it. For instance, make sure he understands that clothes should be hung in their respective places in the closet, certain toys must be placed back in their toy chest. Specific items should be placed on the desk next to the computer. Shoes should be given a designated spot in the closet. Comic books and magazines need to be put back on their respective shelves.

2. Donate Toys and Miscellany

Once you teach your child the necessity of organizing his things so there is some semblance of order, you can cull the items from his room that he rarely uses. For instance, take a day with your child when you can go through and collect any toys he rarely plays with or books or magazines that no longer hold any interest for him. This will give him a better understanding and appreciation, say, of his own toys, books and video games and also instill in him why sharing with others who don’t have ready access to these items is important too.

3. Get Your Child in the Habit of Making His Bed

Have your child make his bed regularly as this will often reduce the look of disarray and keep him focused on maintaining his room so it’s free from clutter. Get him into the habit of taking responsibility for how he maintains his domain and show him how taking care of his space and things make it easier to function and enjoy and appreciate the items he has at his disposal.

4. Prioritize

Prioritize items that are currently used and separate them from items that are necessary but not fundamental for current usage. Items that are used in winter, for instance, can be stowed away in storage boxes beneath the bed in the summertime. Also, make sure that items that are used regularly are easily accessible and can likewise be readily put away for later use. This means equipping your child’s room with furniture and items that will make it easy for this to be accomplished. For example, the headboard for the bed can be made into a bookshelf for better organization. Add an extra rod in the closet to separate, say, pants from shirts. Build a shelf over your child’s desk to organize and store video games and similar items. Purchase underbed storage boxes for bedclothes and winter clothes or summerwear. Buy dressers or wardrobes to organize clothes as well.

You can keep the clutter from accumulating in your child’s bedroom. It just takes patience and forethought and you will succeed over time.

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