Too Much Stuff? Selling versus Storing

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Having too much stuff can be a hassle to tote around from apartment to apartment and can severely damage the ambiance of your apartment by allowing for too much clutter. So, the big decision is: what to do with all of your stuff? Should you store it away or should you sell it and get it out of your way? Before you can make this decision, you will first need to make a strong and researched comparison: storing versus selling.

Benefits of Storing

The greatest benefit of storage is that you get to keep all of your stuff. This is something to strongly consider if you are thinking about buying a home in the future. Because the expenditures of furniture and new accessories can quickly add up, keeping your possessions in storage may help you to avoid such exorbitant expenses.

In addition to keeping your possessions, storing them also gives you the benefit of not having to decide immediately what you might or might not use in the future. When you have collected many things over the years, whether they are knick-knacks, clothes, kitchen utensils or collectibles, it can be hard to determine what you want to part with.

Disadvantages of Storing

On the other hand, storing your personal items can run into a lot of money each year. The cost to rent a storage unit can range any where from $20 per month to $150 per month, depending upon the size of the unit and which moving options you choose.

Some companies will actually come and pick up your items and arrange them for you in the storage unit and some companies will just simply rent the space to you. Both of these factors can have a large impact on your bottom line.

Benefits of Selling

The true benefit of selling your stuff is that you can put some extra money back into your pocket. If you feel like many of your things never get used and are just taking up much needed space, selling them off could be something worth considering.

If you decide to put some of your items for sale in the local paper or garage sale them, you may feel like you won’t be able to collect enough money to justify the sale of your items. However, if you have 100 items that you are selling for $1 each, that can add an extra $100 to your wallet and help you to get rid of things that you don’t use.

Disadvantages of Selling

The only downfall to selling your stuff is that you are never going to get it back. And if you do decide in the future that you shouldn’t have sold some of the things that you did, you will inevitably have to pay full price in the store to get back what you want.

It is important to weigh out your options carefully before selling any of your things. Be sure to consider what you might need in the future or what you might want. Additionally, and perhaps the most important consideration, is whether or not you can afford to store your things. If you just can’t afford the monthly fee, you may have no other choice but to sell your stuff.

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