Hide Clutter with Decorative Storage Boxes

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No matter where you live, there’s usually some degree of clutter that needs tending. Decorative storage boxes not only help to hide clutter, but can add a touch of flair to your living space. Select containers, bins and boxes in different colors and textures to spice up your decor. Here are a few attractive ways to deal with your clutter problems:

Wicker Bins: Functional Clutter Busters

Rattan, wicker and bamboo are just a few of the textures to choose from when buying storage containers. Whether you have earthy or contemporary decor, there’s a wicker bin out there. Choose from a host of different shades and patterns to add to your apartment’s décor.

Natural-look bins and boxes sit prettily on shelves and wall units. They also slide easily under tables and fit neatly inside the draws of storage furniture. Buy them in all different shapes and sizes to organize anything you would ordinarily leave sitting out.

Store the following items in wicker bins:

  • Appliance and electronics manuals
  • Books and magazines
  • Photos, invitations and postcards
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Newspapers and circulars
  • Utility bills, receipts and bank statements

Wicker Trunks and Baskets

Large wicker trunks double as decorative touches while hiding embarrassing clutter. Available in several versatile finishes, they can perfectly adapt to any type of décor. These decorative trunks are great for holding everything from linens to small appliances. Place baskets with delicate sisal or willow finishes in your bathroom to hold towels and toilet paper.

Work-Area Storage Solutions

Faux leather or plastic boxes are ideal for organizing items at a desk or other work station. To keep your computer accessories safe, choose CD storage boxes that come with lids and label holders. Then rely on larger boxes for storing all your computer paper. You can even stack the boxes, and then use them as end tables.

Contain Closet Clutter with Boxes

Storage boxes help to maximize a lot of dead space in areas like closets and cabinets. Organize a closet by sorting items in plastic, stackable bins. Then cluster similar items together. For instance, fill scrapbooking and craft supplies in one bin, and then extension cords, AC adapters and spare batteries in another. Take the time to label each box to be able to find what you need later.

Fill Up Empty Spaces

Select boxes with interesting finishes, vibrant colors and fancy patterns to make for eye-catching storage. By mixing up these attractive boxes, you can even add a sense of dimension to your apartment. Utilize more space by placing decorative storage boxes on top of cabinets and wall units. 

Think Outside the Box

You don’t have to stick with the same old boxes for storage. Consider fashion-forward round, tall and octagon shaped containers for storage and decoration. Along with those, get a few hat-style boxes that you can stack in sets of three. Feel free to mix the hat boxes in vibrant solids and old-world prints.

Another decorative storage solution is a pretty keepsake box. Keepsake boxes are excellent for organizing jewelry, accessories and makeup. Select boxes with antique-look knobs and handles to add a feminine touch to your bedroom or vanity area.

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