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An empty, unusually shaped closet space.

Making the Most of an Unusual Closet Space

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Apartments and homes built in the last 20 or 30 years typically have nothing but standardized closets scattered throughout their interiors, each one usually equipped with sliding doors to keep hinged ones from taking up precious space. But if you live in a place that’s older, you may find that a few of your closets […] read more

Using Closet Organizers to Maximize Storage Space

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Closet organizers are an effective organizing tool no matter what the size of your apartment. Unless you live a minimalistic lifestyle with very few belongings, you’re going to need well planned closet space to store many of the things you own. As you’re looking to make better use of your storage space, consider purchasing one […] read more

5 Easy Closet Organization Strategies

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Closet organization is critical when living in a small space, apartment, or really anywhere with limited closet space. Here are some easy closet organization strategies to help maximize your minimum closet space. 1 – The Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Rack Cheap, easy, and completely worthwhile is a hanging show rack. Usually made of plastic or vinyl, […] read more

A New Year, A New Organized Closet

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With the New Year quickly approaching, many of us will make a resolution to get organized next year. In small apartments, closet organization is crucial. An organized closet can help prevent clutter from creeping into and engulfing the rest of your apartment. While it may sound about as pleasant as a root canal, creating organized closet systems is easy with the help of some simple, inexpensive tools and a free afternoon. read more

Living With a Small Closet

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Cabinets, curtains, screens, and drawers are your friends when you live in an apartment with limited closet space or none at all. Since adding on a closet or other storage space is probably not an option, you’ll have to invent alternative ways to store your items. Read on for some terrific tips on doing so! read more