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Healthy Space, Healthy Life: Keeping Your Space Germ and Pollutant Free

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We spend a lot of hours in our homes. And as we approach winter, I know I’m getting ready to snuggle in and spend even less time out and about. read more

Tips for Choosing a Low-Maintenance Apartment

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Most of us choose our apartment for the look, the feel, the size, the location. We usually wait until after we move in to start thinking about how hard it might be to keep things working smoothly inside. Here are some easy tips to have in mind while you’re looking, to save some headaches and […] read more

Finding Joy in Your Small Kitchen

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Yes, you read that right. It is possible to be happy with, and in, your small kitchen! Sometimes it feels like everyone is aiming for a life that’s bigger and our small spaces can make us feel inferior. I invite you to spend a few minutes considering how your small space can actually bring more […] read more

Update Your Home Office

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Remember how you first decided to set up a home office that would be distraction-free, efficient, and elegantly furnished? Since that time, has the room turned into a storage area, party zone, or just been totally abandoned? Refresh the space with a few ideas listed below. The facelift will encourage you to get back into […] read more

5 Considerations for Cleaning Your Fiberglass Shower

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Cleaning a fiberglass shower is simple, and yet if you make a mistake, you could discolor it. As with anything else in the apartment, discoloration in the eyes of most landlords is equal to “damage” that you’ll have to pay for out of your security deposit. Don’t risk it by using the wrong product. Consider […] read more

5 College Apartment Cleaning Tips

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Keeping up with chores in a college apartment can seem impossible, when you’re living a busy life. The problem is compounded when you have a roommate, who has his or her own schedule, and has problems with cleaning as much as you do. Having different personalities and preferences for cleanliness can soon make sharing an […] read more

Leather Furniture Care: 5 Tips

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Leather furniture is durable and attractive and makes a versatile addition to most any style of apartment decor. However, if you want to protect your investment properly and make your furniture last longer, you need to practice regular proactive care: 1 – Check for Water Repellency Many pieces of leather furniture are naturally water repellent, […] read more

4 Tips to Cut Costs on Carpet Care

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Carpet care is necessary to prolong the life of your carpets, and to keep a healthy living environment. Carpets attract mold and dust mites, and you don’t want either living under the carpet layers. Dirty carpets are not what you want when friends and family come over to visit, as it will detract from your […] read more

How to Keep Shower Curtains Mildew-Free

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Keeping your shower curtains mildew-free makes your bathroom more sanitary and saves you from having to replace the curtains every few months. Follow these easy tips to make your shower curtains last much longer: Clean Lightly After Every Use The most basic of tips for keeping your shower curtains mildew-free is to clean the shower […] read more