First Apartment? Follow These 6 Rituals to Keep it Neat and Tidy

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You’re doing it! You’re finally at this point in your life, living in your very first apartment. There’s probably tons of things running through your head right now, but the first and perhaps most important should be getting ahead of the game on your cleaning schedule. Following these basic six rules will help keep your new pad nice and tidy, so what are you waiting for? Check them out:

1. Put Things Back After Using Them

That’s right. Are you finished using the ketchup bottle for your fries? Put it back. Don’t leave it sitting on the counter where you might forget about it, leaving it for the next person to clean it up. Or, our favorite, if you’re trying on outfits for your night out, please, please put all of those clothes back on their hangers or in their drawers neatly and nicely. You’ll be so pleased to come back to a closet that is free of clutter and can be easily sorted through the next time you need to grab something quickly. While these situations may seem small, eventually the small things will pile up into big setbacks.

2. Dust Once a Week

Get an inexpensive duster, and make sure to take care of your surfaces about once a week. This includes places that rarely see daylight as much as ones that are typically out in the open. It keeps your abode looking pristine and will help cut down on deep cleaning time later.

Aside from keeping up physical appearances, routine dusting will help keep the air clean for people with any allergies or breathing complications; this can be especially helpful during the cooler seasons when catching a cold can be quite common.

3. Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

Have mini-garage sales as need to get rid of extra junk. Break up the work into more manageable sections by taking on one part of the house at a time. Do you really need those tennis shoes you’ve been holding onto for years, but wear only once in a blue moon? Time to let them go and make room for all of your other valuables that you actually use on a regular basis! Decluttering your home can also declutter your mind, and that could lead to more organized thoughts and a more organized home as well.

4. Get Inspired with Modern Decor

Get on Pinterest! Get into some interior design magazines to stay inspired on the latest and greatest ways to keep your home new and refreshed. You don’t even have to buy new things, just a rearrangement or new paint color can turn the whole feel of your place into something completely different. We all believe we always know best, but it doesn’t hurt to check other sources for inspiration/ideas that could bring out your creativity.

5. Replenish Items BEFORE They Run Out

Don’t you hate it when the last toilet paper roll has only six squares left? Or when there’s just not enough window cleaner to take care of smudges and pesky water spots? Always keep cleaning products in your home replenished as you use them to ensure you don’t put off cleaning when it needs to be done. Keep an extra bottle of multi-purpose spray stored away and plenty of wash cloths and disposable napkins on hand always. Your home needs just as much TLC as you do every day, so why not grab that one bottle of soap at every spontaneous trip you take to the store? Or you can make it really fun and plan a whole day to get double of all of your cleaning supplies. Make it an event!

6. Compartmentalize Your Things

The key to good organization is putting things in “compartments.” Sure, you have your pantry full of food, but can you find anything in all that mess? Each shelf should hold a particular group of food, such as your canned foods or boxed items. You can even get more detailed, like grouping your favorite cereals on a different side than the rest, away from what you might offer to guests.

If you’re not very good at organization in the first place, start off by getting some colorful baskets/boxes to store certain items in like your assortment of accessories, printed photos, and books/records.

We hope these tips help keep your very first apartment tidy and clean so your new place isn’t any more stressful than it needs to be. Moving out will be one of the greatest adventures of your life and you can really make it feel easier when you don’t have to tackle a constant mess.

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    Great tip for your son's first time ever moving out!


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