How to Store Cleaning Supplies in a Small Apartment

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Living in a small place truly has its advantages when it comes to cleaning. Because space is limited, it rarely takes a lot of time to declutter and deep clean. There is, however, one big problem with cleaning a small apartment. They all have one thing in common: a major lack of storage space. So where do you store everything you need to make your apartment spotless? Here are a few ideas for smart storage solutions.

Use a Tension Rod

Most apartments have a decent amount of storage underneath the kitchen sink, but most of us are not taking advantage of every square inch of the real estate. To double up on storage in this space and in other cabinets, install a tension rod to hang microfiber cloths and bottles of cleaning supplies by their nozzle. By hanging a tension rod you’re essentially adding an entirely new “shelf” while still allowing room for things like trash or recycling bins and a mop bucket underneath.

Use Every Spare Inch of Space

The name of the game in small space storage is taking advantage of every square inch. Use any “dead space” in the apartment to store things you need; the gap between the refrigerator and the wall is a prime location for mop and broom storage thanks to sliding storage racks. You can also store cleaning supplies in clear, labeled bins and slide them underneath the couch, underneath the bed, or place them on shelves in your bathroom or closet.

Buy a Freestanding Mop and Broom Closet

If you have enough room, consider purchasing a small freestanding mop and broom closet to store your heavy duty cleaning supplies so they’re out of sight. These freestanding closets can be put in the bathroom, the kitchen, or in a laundry room if you’re lucky enough to have one. Most freestanding mop and broom closets also have additional storage space to put cleaning supplies, sponges, microfiber cloths, and anything else you might need to make your apartment shine.

Use Hang Up Storage

In small spaces, the backs of doors are a great place to find space to put things. Buy an over-the-door rack and some S-hooks to hang up mops and brooms. That way they are off the floor and out of the way when you’re not in the middle of cleaning. You can also buy an over-the-door storage system with pockets that you can fill with sponges, cloths, bottles of cleaning supplies, a duster, and anything else you might use.

Make Your Cleaning Storage More Attractive

Cleaning supplies aren’t usually the most attractive things to have out on display, which may be necessary if you don’t have the space to keep them out of sight. To remedy this, make your own cleaning supplies out of natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, or essential oils and display them in glass jars to put on top of the counter or in the bathroom. Not only does this look more attractive, but it’s also a greener way to clean, which is better for your health and safety. Glass jars are also a great way to store things like sponges, magic erasers, microfiber cloths, and even dryer sheets for laundry. Be sure to label everything specifically so that you don’t get confused on what’s what.

Pegboard Organization

Pegboards are a fashionable and cheap way to hang up almost anything you can imagine. Hang up a pegboard in the bathroom or kitchen to store your mop and broom, cleaning cloths, or to hang up cleaning supplies by their nozzles. You can also hang up baskets and buckets that affix to the pegboard wall for additional storage.

Put Your Lazy Susan to Work

If your apartment has a kitchen cabinet with a Lazy Susan, consider using that to store cleaning supplies instead of canned and boxed foods. Pack everything in clear, labeled storage boxes so that you can easily find everything you need to clean a specific room when you are spinning the wheel.

Buy a Cleaning Cart

Cleaning the house is a chore in itself—don’t make yourself walk back and forth to where the cleaning supplies are. If you have enough room, buy a small cart to place everything you need for a spotless apartment. Making your storage mobile frees up any built-in storage for other things.

If you don’t have anywhere to store your cart, put the cleaning supplies in pretty baskets or buckets to disguise them. The more you put into your cart’s look, the more it will look like simply another decorative item in your place.

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