5 Considerations for Cleaning Your Fiberglass Shower

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Cleaning a fiberglass shower is simple, and yet if you make a mistake, you could discolor it. As with anything else in the apartment, discoloration in the eyes of most landlords is equal to “damage” that you’ll have to pay for out of your security deposit. Don’t risk it by using the wrong product. Consider the following tips and tricks to keep your showers looking clean, while preserving your security deposit.

1 – Vinegar Works

If you’ve already tried making a homemade window cleaning solution using vinegar, you know that it works just as well or better than store-bought products. The same is true for cleaning a fiberglass shower. You can mix one-half cup of vinegar to one gallon of water to make a simple solution. Spray and clean with a sponge, and save the balance to clean mirrors, windows and appliances.

2 – Avoid Magic Erasers

Some people insist that there’s no better method for cleaning your fiberglass shower than to use a magic eraser. They recommend that you use an oven cleaner with the magic eraser. In as little as 10 minutes or so, which includes soak time, all of the scum comes off and all that’s left is a clean shower. The problem is that although it may be very effective for cleaning, there is too much speculation that magic erasers contain dangerous toxins that are harmful to you, your children and pets.

There are some who have tried to debunk stories about the toxicity and chemical burns that were reported by users of one of the most famous brand of magic erasers, but nothing is conclusive. Oven cleaners are definitely toxic, and you shouldn’t even use them to clean your oven if you can. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and stick to natural cleaning solutions and regular sponges instead.

3 – Try Shampoo

You can get great results with shampoo, although it may not be your most cost effective option based on the price of your shampoo. Wipe your shower down with shampoo and some water using a soft sponge. Let it soak a little while, and then rinse with water. You can even try it while you’re taking a shower, and take care of both activities at once.

4 – Dish Washing Detergent

To save costs, you can just use some of your dish washing detergent. Depending on how dirty it is, you may need to use a scrubbing brush to be effective. Cleaning your fiberglass shower with dish washing detergent works the same as when you clean your kitchen sink. The soap will cut through the grease and oils, and the brush should be able to remove it. Any brand will do, so just use what you already have.

5 – Don’t Use Bleach

Whatever you do, don’t use bleach. You’ll end up discoloring the fiberglass and you’ll end up paying for the landlord to repair and wax it to restore the shower to its original condition. You could try an oxygen-based bleach instead, but it’s not worth it when you can use vinegar.

Test a small area first when cleaning your fiberglass shower to see what works best. If there is discoloration, you can at least confine it to a small area.

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