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Young man stresses as cockroaches take over his living space.

5 Common Apartment Pests (and Tips for Getting Rid of Them)

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Apartment buildings make ideal shelters for pests seeking warmth and food. No matter the size of your apartment, pests can easily find their way in and cause a disturbance. read more


How to Get Rid of Common Apartment Pests

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Your apartment is your safe space — your place of refuge at the end of a long day. So nothing’s worse than when an invasion of creepy crawlies hits your apartment, keeping you up all night in fear of being bitten. While a few bugs may not be anything to get nervous about, having the […] read more

Top 3 Causes of Ants in an Apartment

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Ants are a nuisance in an apartment, because they can tear up fabric and will eat food that has been left out. There are several things that cause ants to be attracted to your apartment. Limiting those causes can help prevent them from even wanting to come in. Here are the top three causes of […] read more

All Natural Ways to Keep Out Ants

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Once found inside your home, ants are almost impossible to get eliminate. Because of this, it is extremely important to be proactive and keep out ants before they invade. Below are tips for how to keep ants out of your residence. Where Ants Commonly Appear Ants commonly enter in a home through water pipes and […] read more

Chemical-Free Ant Control

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The quality of the air in your apartment impacts your health more than you might think. Ant control that utilizes poisons and all sorts of chemicals contaminate the air and put you, your family and pets at risk. There are better ways to deal with ants, without using chemicals. Black Pepper You probably already have […] read more

6 Simple Home Pest-Control Solutions

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If you live in an apartment, you might have to deal with home pest control at some point. The summer months can bring a steady string of ants and spiders into your home, and roaches can thrive no matter what time of year if they gain a foothold in your kitchen. Here are some simple […] read more