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Close-up of a paint brush applying a fresh coat of paint to an old piece of wooden furniture.

5 Ways to Make Your Old Furniture Look New Again

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One of the most cost-effective ways to redecorate is to start with what you already have – or what you can acquire for cheap or for free read more

A couple works together to paint their apartment quickly and efficiently.

17 Time-Saving Painting Hacks

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Painting is a time-consuming task, no matter what size space you’re dealing with. To make the job go faster, you’ll want to use every hack you can read more

Apartment Redecorating: 5 Tips for Painting Furniture

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Painting furniture can bring a junky piece of furniture to life, and it can give a room a fresh look. Buying used furniture at a garage sale or thrift store is an affordable way to own furniture, and painting is one way to make it look as good as new. The painting process is straightforward, […] read more