How to Keep Shower Curtains Mildew-Free

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Keeping your shower curtains mildew-free makes your bathroom more sanitary and saves you from having to replace the curtains every few months. Follow these easy tips to make your shower curtains last much longer:

Clean Lightly After Every Use

The most basic of tips for keeping your shower curtains mildew-free is to clean the shower and curtains after each use. You don’t have to get on your hands and knees to scrub every day—in fact, if you clean after each use, you may prevent mildew and scum from building at all so that you never have to spend time scrubbing the shower. There are a number of ways you can clean your shower curtains, so read on for more information.

A Commercial Cleaner with Less Effort

Your first option is to purchase a commercial cleaner that aims to keep shower curtains mildew-free after each shower. You won’t have to make any mixes yourself, but these commercial cleaners will cost a bit more than a homemade remedy. You can find a commercial shower cleaner in a spray bottle that you spray after each shower or you can purchase an automatic cleaner that sprays cleaner at the touch of a button. These types of cleaners mix with the water on the walls and curtain and drip down to clean most of the surfaces. These commercial cleaners are convenient but may not be as effective as making your own cleaner.

Make Your Own Homemade Cleaner

A much cheaper way to keep your shower curtains mildew-free is to make your own cleaner to use after each shower. There are a couple of options you have for vinyl curtains or curtain liners. One is to mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. The cleaner will leave a strong odor for a short time, but vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial cleaner that will help prevent mildew. The scent will diminish after the curtain has dried and you can speed up the process by running the bathroom fan, leaving the door open or opening a window.

You can also use an equal mixture of bleach and water in a spray bottle, which is a bit more effective at keeping mildew away longer, but does not qualify as a natural remedy like the vinegar solution. You must also be careful not to spray the bleach solution on your clothes or fabrics or near pets or children. The bathroom must be properly ventilated as you spray the solution, so run the fan, open a window or leave the door open.

Spray and Rub

When using homemade cleaners, you can either spray the solution and allow it to dry or use a clean rag to rub the solution across the curtain to make sure all areas of the surface are covered. The latter method will keep your curtains cleaner longer. Do not rinse the solution away after spraying or rubbing.

A little basic care can keep your shower curtains mildew-free much longer, stopping fungus and bacteria from spreading throughout your bathroom and helping you save a few dollars by replacing the curtains less frequently. It may require a little more effort, but being able to shower in a cleaner environment is worth the trouble.

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