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How to Set Up a Baby Play Area in Your Apartment

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A baby play area is an important consideration when it comes to living in an apartment. When you’re limited on space, the idea of purchasing yet another piece of baby furniture for the apartment is anything but appealing. Perhaps you’re wondering if you can just skip it altogether, if you’ve babyproofed the apartment already. Well, […] read more

Five Safety Tips when Choosing Children’s Furniture

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Shopping for childrens furniture can be a lot of fun and there are often adorable pieces to choose from. Keep in mind that regardless of how cute or appealing a piece of furniture may be, safety should be the first concern. Here are some safety tips to consider when choosing furniture with your infants and […] read more

Finding Apartment Furniture: New vs. Used

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When finding apartment furniture for your place, you have the option of looking for both new and used items. Knowing the pros and cons of both new and used furniture will help make furnishing your apartment a seamless process. The Ins and Outs of New Furniture New furniture is great because it’s easy to find […] read more

Apartment Decorating: Making Way for a Baby

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Apartment decorating for a new baby is exciting, but can be overwhelming for new parents. With the great tips and ideas provided in this article, decorating the nursery and child proofing will be a cinch. Arrange Furniture for Ease of Movement Before you start decorating the baby’s room, make sure that you have purchased all […] read more