4 Apartment Noise Rules to Remember When Having a Party

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Apartment noise can be a nuisance, and some states have passed noise laws to protect tenants from loud neighbors. Whether there are laws on the books or not where you live, part of being a good neighbor includes keeping the noise to a minimum. A party is no excuse to be extra loud, or stir bitterness in neighbors. The following are 4 apartment noise rules to remember when having a party:

1 – Avoid Loud Music

In your attempts to have a great party, make sure you factor in how loud your music should be. The only way to test it really is to play with the volume, step outside each time, and see if it’s too loud. Warn neighbors ahead of time of your experiment. You’ll also need to keep the windows and doors shut during the party to help contain the noise. The biggest issue will be for a neighbor who lives underneath you, or shares a wall with you. Get their input if possible, and come up with a signal that they can use if the apartment noise gets too loud, such as knocking your floor or wall with a broom.

2 – Don’t Get Rowdy

Warn your guests prior to and at the party not to get rowdy. Explain to them that it could jeopardize your tenancy, which it may be if there are noise laws or if neighbors complain to the landlord. If your guests complain or look as if they won’t comply, consider having the party off-site. You have to be prepared to ask someone to leave who won’t stop being too rowdy, and you have to consider a resulting conflict with a guest.

3 – Keep it Low-Key

Some renters are able to have a party, and hardly anyone notices other than the additional cars in the parking lot. You can do the same, by keeping your party low-key. Doing so will keep any apartment noise to a minimum, and you’ll score points with neighbors. There are a few ways to have a low-key party:

-Invite less people
-Have entertainment that involves thinking, speaking and relaxing and not dancing to music
-End the party early in the evening, rather than late at night or early the next morning

A low-key party doesn’t have to be a boring party. You can still entertain your guests, engage them and have fun.

4 – Complaints from Neighbors

The moment you get complaints from neighbors during the party, you need to respond. Don’t ignore them, thinking that they should deal with it. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to end the party because a neighbor knocks on your door. Make reasonable changes, such as lowering the music or ask your guests to park someone else if that’s the issue. Apologize to your neighbors for any inconvenience and assure them that you’ll take care of the problem. Paying attention and addressing their concerns will pay dividends, and keep you out of trouble for excess apartment noise.

One of the main reasons for conflicts among neighbors living in rental units is apartment noise. Don’t let your next party be the source of conflicts with other tenants.

4 Responses to “4 Apartment Noise Rules to Remember When Having a Party”

  1. July 29, 2010 at 1:36 pm, nobody said:

    baloney! they can play their lousy, stupid music anmywhere in dallas, no rules against it,.it is SORRY!hateful.so there.you don’t care .


  2. August 01, 2010 at 7:34 pm, Wedding said:

    Rock solid post!


  3. August 03, 2010 at 2:50 pm, Lazoro said:

    Rules? Wish there were enforcable rules in the building where I live. I think the problems are not only coming from just the noisemakers, but it’s a collapsing or changing if you will of society. Management in these buildings are often namby pamby about taking action against rowdy tenants who they may be afraid of. And maybe rightly so. Seems to be more vulgar menacing types walking around than before. Unfortunately the police are often not able to offer much relief or much of a solution either. And on another note, the parents of small and even older children who use apartment buildings as gymnasiums have idiots who stick up for them, passing it off as either normal kid’s behaviour or attributing it to some new fangled medical condition like ADHD or something. No one wants to bear any responsibility to be conerned with something as trivial as being a decent neighbor, because apparently they have real issues and conditions in life to deal with.


  4. June 19, 2011 at 5:44 pm, Madison Apartment Group said:

    Having parties are not so bad, just as long as you give consideration to your neighbors. The noise and music can disrupt their own activities. So, if you cannot keep your party, try holding it in some other place or just invite your neighbors!


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