Hosting an Engagement Party in Your Apartment

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Hosting an engagement party for yourself, a friend or a family member is a way to celebrate the announcement and introduce friends and family of both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be to each other. Because you may be saving for a wedding or at least a wedding gift, you needn’t spend too much on an enjoyable party to celebrate the occasion.

Decorating the Apartment

You don’t have to go overboard when hosting an engagement party, but a few classy decor touches can go a long way. If you already know the bridal colors, choose to decorate with streamers, balloons and/or fabrics in those colors. Otherwise a simple white or off-white and silver or gold theme can make an excellent color scheme for the party.

Framing pictures of the engaged couple and placing them throughout the apartment where they’re easy to see can make great conversation starters as you talk about how the bride-to-be and groom-to-be met and what they were doing when the pictures were taken. Find romantic quotes and print them out alongside pictures of rings, doves, bells and a wedding couple and place these decorations throughout the apartment as well.

Setting Up the Apartment

You may not have a lot of space to entertain in your apartment, so setting up the apartment for the engagement party ahead of time can save you a lot of stress. Start by moving all of the large pieces of furniture that you won’t need for the party into a bedroom or hallway or into a corner in the back of the apartment. This should free up more space for chairs and folding tables in the living room of your apartment, where you should do most of your entertaining. Set aside a kitchen counter or a table in a dining area for all of the food.

Food and Drinks Fit for the Occasion

You want to make sure that the guests at your engagement party have plenty to eat and drink, so serve accordingly. Champagne (or bubbly water) is a must to celebrate, so have a few bottles and enough champagne glasses for everyone on hand. You can also have a bowl of punch out for a drink between toasts.

Food offered depends on the extent of the occasion but can be casual. You might grill up some burgers and brats on the deck or patio of your apartment or you can offer basic finger foods, such as deviled eggs, vegetables, chips and fruit. Pasta makes another popular main dish for engagement parties and is simple and inexpensive to prepare in bulk.

Although an engagement party needn’t be formal or stressful, there is one important consideration and that’s the fact that you shouldn’t invite anyone who’s not going to be invited to the wedding. Doing so makes it seem like the bride and groom are asking for handouts at an informal party without intending to celebrate the actual occasion with those guests.

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