3 Keys for Throwing a Good Graduation Party in Your Apartment

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Hosting a grand graduation party in your apartment is a great idea. There are almost limitless ideas for celebrating the definitive moment in one’s academic career. If it’s your own graduation party with fellow graduates, there is little that you can do to destroy the exuberance of the group. Yet, you can heighten with a really fun party, where all the graduates feel accomplished and celebrated for coming to this milestone in their lives.

1. Graduation Partying in Small Spaces

Don’t see the limited space of an apartment as a drawback; see it as a fun challenge to add to all of the problems solved in your academic career. Start by clearing out a space for the party. You may want to take coffee tables out of the main room and try to align furniture against the wall, to make room for the graduation party.

Make sure to set up enough chairs or places to sit for all of your guests. If you are going to be showing video playback of the graduation itself, try to arrange it so there’s a good seat for all to see the television. Work the room around the activities that you have planned for your party.

2. Decorating Your Apartment for the Perfect Party

Decorate the entire party space in your school colors. You also want to stop by the party shop and get “Congrats to the Grads” banners and things that clearly state your class graduation year. The graduating class deserves to be celebrated to the fullest, and you’ll show the solidarity you have with your fellow grads by showcasing your graduating class year within the party decorations.

Make party favors to remember for all of the party attendants. Alternate the favor bags in each of the school colors. Fill all of the bags with things that will delight and surprise your guests once they’ve gone home. Opt for personal things and things just for fun. Give away small presents that friends can use now that they’re in the “real world,” such as a nice pen and a small token of your appreciation that’s customized for each friend, which should be engraved with the date or year of your graduation and their names.

3. Serving Graduation Party Foods

Most apartments have limited room in the kitchen. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make quite a feast for the stomachs and eyes of your guests. You may even utilize the microwave. Make a mix of health foods and indulgence foods. Offer vegetables with dip and pizza bites. Another great option that will get you lots of compliments is to opt for foods that somehow match the colors of your school. You may accomplish this through your choices or adding a bit of healthy food dye to pastas that are served.

Also, can now personalize M&Ms directly from the company, so order some in your school colors that have phrasings and quotes on them unique to your friends. You may also put the graduation photo of each attendant on the M and Ms as well. Friends can have fun eating their way to their own photograph.

No matter what you opt for your graduation party, keep it focused on the fun that you and your guests should have now that you are graduates. Your apartment can be the perfect place to host the best graduation party when you keep that in mind.

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