2 Tips to Increase Air Circulation in Your Apartment

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Air circulation can have a large impact on the monthly electricity charge for an apartment. How well or how poor air circulates will effect how hard or how frequently the air conditioning and heating units need to function. Especially when there is only one air-conditioning unit in one window of an apartment, it can be difficult to get the apartment to cool entirely.

When this happens, you will notice that you are tuning the temperature dial to even cooler levels in an attempt to make the apartment more comfortable. What this does, however, is increases your electricity bill and still does not help to circulate the air throughout your apartment. The best way to remedy this is to employ some basic air circulating techniques.

1. Use Box Fans and Ceiling Fans

One of the best ways to get the air circulating in an apartment is to use either a box fan or a ceiling fan, if you have it. Ceiling fans use a relatively low amount of energy as they are running. In turn, they can move a lot of stagnate, stale air in a room. When a room is poorly ventilated or does not receive much air flow, the air then becomes a burden for the heating and cooling units to remove, and the units will continue to run until it can clear that room of that static-like air.

When a ceiling fan or box fan is in use, however, it relieves the burden from the heating and cooling units by assisting in the circulation process, which undoubtedly saves you money. If your apartment does not have the luxury of a ceiling fan, a box fan will work just as well. The benefit of box fans is that you can move them to any room and change their angle in any way that will benefit the air flow of a room. Placing a box towards the door of a room that is poorly circulated can help force air into the room, which will essentially make that room a more tolerable place to be in.

2. Close off Rooms that Are Not in Use

There are certainly no advantages to leaving the spare bedroom door open when that particular bedroom has not been used in months. If there is no one occupying that room, then there is no need for a temperate climate. Remember, an air-conditioning unit or heating unit will work hard to make sure that air is circulated until a desired temperature, set by you, is achieved. The more rooms that are in the apartment, the larger the amount of space to heat or cool, which means that the unit will be running until the cumulative temperature of all of those rooms meets the desired temperature. What you can do to avoid unnecessary and excessive energy costs is to close the doors to rooms that are used infrequently and those that are never used at all.

Likewise, the sweltering heat of the summer can be expounded upon when the washer and dryer are kicking out excessive amounts of heat. Keeping the door open to the utility room that houses the washer and dryer will force the air conditioner to work much harder to cool that additional space. You can save by closing doors to rooms that are prohibiting appropriate air circulation in your apartment.

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