Creative Room Divider Ideas for a Studio

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Having a studio apartment can be a challenge, but using room divider installations can help residents make more functional rooms out of a small living space. Making your studio into a multifunctional area can take some creativity and hard work. Here are some interesting ideas for partitioning off spaces within a smaller apartment unit to make a tiny housing unit handle more on a day to day basis.

Standing Screens

You can buy a lot of these simple standing screen models at antique stores, estate sales, yard sales or any other place that used furniture is available. To really make these installations fit your apartment space, repainting or decorating them might be a good idea. In a pinch, you can make your own standing screens out of simple materials, plus some items from the hardware store. These handy standing items help to make a solid partition that isn’t as likely to shift randomly.

Framed In Dividers

Some residents who know they are in their studio for the long term may want to go a step further and actually frame in spaces. This is not as difficult as it might sound. All you need is some scrap lumber and other materials to fill in your frame. Stapling cloth to a set of 2×4 boards can be an effective and neat-looking room partition, and you have the pride of making the whole thing yourself.

Curtains with Found Materials

Curtains are a popular way to screen off parts of a room, but to be more creative, think about using found materials to hang your partitions. Larger items hooked onto hanging ropes can create a very interesting and novel approach to curtaining off spaces. Use your imagination, and make sure you have the right stuff to secure your curtains to the ceiling.

Floorstanding Furniture

Some studio renters or owners like to simply arrange for standing furniture to create an effective screen. This works even better if you have some old cubicle walls lying around, but bookcases and other wooden furnishings can also do the job. It might be hard to make these installations look deliberate, as opposed to looking like desperate fortifications, but with some careful and deliberate decorating, it can be done.

Shower Curtain Design

For smaller room spaces, you may be able to find an adjustable bar of the same type that goes across the top of a tub/shower installation. Hang curtains from these rods, and you have an effective, solid partition. It can be fun to look for the right curtains to fit these handy DIY setups.

All of the above can provide inspiration for making your studio apartment more functional and livable when a smaller number of rooms have to accommodate more than they were intended for. Live-work studios and other similar spaces can really benefit from some good planning and a little bit of creative sprucing up.

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