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How Do I Approach a Noisy Neighbor?

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Nothing makes an otherwise perfect apartment loose its appeal faster than a noisy neighbor. Unlike plumbing or electrical problems in your apartment, noisy neighbors cannot be solved by simply calling maintenance. The only way to truly resolve the issue is to approach your neighbor about the noise. Don’t let the thought intimidate you. Follow these […] read more

Choose an Apartment: Monthly Rent vs. Location

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When it’s time to choose an apartment, you’ll have to weigh the amount you’ll be paying in rent against where you’ll be living. The best apartment location will often be more expensive, while a bad location can save you money. There are also hidden costs to consider before making your decision. Crime Rate If you’re […] read more

5 Tips for a Successful Apartment Warming Party

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To celebrate your move, you’re planning an apartment warming party. You want to celebrate your new life with those you care about and possibly your new neighbors, but you’re not sure what kind of party you should throw. Here are some tips to make your apartment warming party a successful one: 1. Set the Right […] read more

Five Safety Tips for the Apartment Dweller

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When you select an apartment, make sure that you are comfortable with the level of security and safety. If you don’t feel confident about the safety of the apartment and the surrounding area, don’t take the place. 1. The Building Itself Pick a new or an up-to-date building. New or modern buildings come equipped with […] read more

Your Apartment Search: 6 Questions to Ask

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With so much to think about as you plan your apartment search, there are a myriad of details that can be overlooked. It may help to sit down and answer a few questions or to make a list of things to remember during your search. 1. What Kind of Features Will You Need? Jot down […] read more

Dealing With a Nosy Neighbor

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Nosy neighbors may not be breaking any laws, but their behavior can diminish your quality of life. Unlike other “neighbors from hell,” nosy neighbors may live quietly. But, in their own way, they engender a negative environment, when you find yourself subjected to their scrutiny. Understanding Why Neighbors Pry Nosy neighbors always seem to know […] read more

How to Deal With a Neighbor From Hell

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Unless you are very fortunate, you will eventually encounter the neighbor from hell. This type of neighbor seems oblivious to your existence, even though you live right next-door. Their behavior includes many disturbing activities including noise, constant traffic in and out of the apartment, slamming doors, and leaving garbage in the hallway for days. These […] read more

5 Burglary Prevention Measures

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Worried about someone breaking into your apartment and looking for ways to protect the apartment? Before you rush out and purchase an expensive security system, remember that apartment burglary usually occurs when inhabitants fail to take simple precautions and use common sense. You can protect your apartment from burglary by taking some simple and free […] read more

How to Be a Good Neighbor

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Being a good neighbor can make a world of difference. Plus, it has several mutual benefits. Therefore, it’s important to establish a good name for yourself around your apartment building. Luckily, it doesn’t require a huge investment, and it will help foster a pleasant living environment (and maybe even long-standing friendships). Here are a couple […] read more