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4 Intercom System Safety Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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If entry into your apartment building is controlled via an intercom system, it’s important to practice basic apartment safety, especially if you’re living alone. This article will focus on four different ways you can be safe and secure while operating your intercom. Try to Verify Who It Is before Opening the Door Never open the […] read more

Apartment Safety: Using the Intercom

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Consistently using your apartment’s intercom is one of the best ways to improve apartment safety. Understanding how intercoms work, and how to best use them to control who comes into your building, should be a top priority. Use of Intercoms for Apartment Safety Identifying visitors to the building is the primary use of an intercom. […] read more

Five Safety Tips for the Apartment Dweller

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When you select an apartment, make sure that you are comfortable with the level of security and safety. If you don’t feel confident about the safety of the apartment and the surrounding area, don’t take the place. 1. The Building Itself Pick a new or an up-to-date building. New or modern buildings come equipped with […] read more