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Holiday Ettiquette: Decorating Your Apartment with Your Neighbors In Mind

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Holiday decorating can be a fun way to participate in the holiday spirit, but if you live in an apartment, it’s important to remember that you’re in close proximity to many neighbors. You should make sure that your decorations don’t disturb your neighbors, as you don’t want to get a complaint from your landlord or […] read more

Legal Recourse for Noisy Neighbors

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For those who are dealing with excessively noisy neighbors, there are things that can be done to take action against residents who are keeping everybody else up at night. Even during the day, some legal remedies may apply to a noisy neighbor situation. Renters and Noise One thing that you can look into when encountering […] read more

Parking Garage Etiquette: When to Leave a Note

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Using a parking garage requires a certain type of etiquette, particularly if the garage is associated with your apartment. Most of the time, leaving a note is more than sufficient etiquette when you encounter problems in the parking garage. Below is an explanation of the times when it is appropriate to leave a note after […] read more

Neighbors and Their Barking Dog: How to Resolve the Situation

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Unfortunately, when it comes to neighbors and barking dog issues, there’s no strict “manual” on how to successfully handle this kind of scenario. However, there are good guidelines that solve some common hangups that threaten to drive dog barking situations off the rails. Lots of times, having the right strategy helps annoyed and sleep deprived […] read more

Three Reasons Not to Have an Affair with Your Neighbor

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Having an affair with your neighbor may seem like a good idea at first, but it’s a tricky situation in the long run. If the relationship turns sour you’ll be left in an awkward environment at best, hostile at worst. Here are some reasons outlining why you shouldn’t becoming romantically involved with your neighbor. Reason […] read more

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5 Tips for Finding a Childcare Center near Your Apartment

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A childcare center must meet the majority of a parent’s needs, including being near their residence. Finding a childcare center near your apartment, however, may not be easy and will most certainly require lots of research and legwork. Below are 5 tips for finding a childcare center near your apartment. 1. Check Large Company Recommendations […] read more

Dealing with Violations of Quiet Hours

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When you’re living in an apartment, you have to rely on your neighbors to be quiet so that you can get some sleep. Many apartment complexes even make quiet hours a matter of policy, setting certain hours during which tenants are expected to keep noise to a minimum. Unfortunately, not all neighbors are considerate, and […] read more

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First Impressions: How to Get Your Neighbors to Like You

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First impressions that you make on your neighbors may determine the fate of your neighborly relationship. When you move into a new home, chances are that someone is going to be living next to you. If you’re living in an apartment or townhome, living in close proximity to another person is unavoidable. Start things off […] read more

Finding the Right Apartment: Four Questions to Ask Potential Neighbors

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Talking to neighbors before moving into a new apartment is akin to calling references when hiring a candidate for a job. They provide a view of your prospective selection that you can’t gain from a one-time visit. When deciding what questions to ask those who already live in the neighborhood or building, explore what aspects of apartment living affect you […] read more