Parking Garage Etiquette: When to Leave a Note

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Using a parking garage requires a certain type of etiquette, particularly if the garage is associated with your apartment. Most of the time, leaving a note is more than sufficient etiquette when you encounter problems in the parking garage. Below is an explanation of the times when it is appropriate to leave a note after encountering an issue in a garage.

Leave a Note: When There Is an Accident

The most important time to leave a note is when you cause an accident in the garage. Because a parking garage is usually open 24 hours, an accident can occur at any time of the day. If you accidentally back into another car or otherwise cause damage to a vehicle, it is appropriate for you to leave a note providing your contact information. This will permit the other driver to contact you to discuss repairing his vehicle and resolving the problem.

Leave a Note: Continuous Parking Violations

If you notice that a car has violated known or posted parking violations several times, it might be time to leave a note. This note can tell the driver that you have become aware of his violations and that they are impeding other driver’s ability to park. With this note, however, you might not want to leave your contact information just in case the other driver becomes bothered and tries to damage your car.

Leave a Note: Parking in Your Assigned Space

If you have assigned parking in your parking garage and another driver is continuously parking in your spot, consider leaving a note. The driver could be parking in your space due to a landlord mix-up or confusion. Leaving a note could bring the problem to the other driver’s attention and fix the problem. You can leave your information on the note if you would like, in case you expect to need to talk over the parking situation to resolve it.

Leave a Note: When You See Damage

An extremely kind thing for you to do is to leave a note when you see that another driver’s car has been damaged in some way and should not be used. The best example of this is when a driver has a flat tire on one of his back wheels. Unless the driver walks around his car before driving it he will not notice the flat tire. Since driving on a flat tire can cause damage to the wheel well, warning your neighbor about the flat tire can prevent him from incurring further damage to his car. A nice polite not of warning will suffice; it is up to you whether you want to put your name on the note.

When Not to Leave a Note: Fear of Retaliation

One instance when leaving a note may not be the best idea is when you fear retaliation from the other driver. If you have received a mean note from another driver or have otherwise noticed an indication that the other driver may harm you or your vehicle do not leave a note. Instead, contact your landlord or, if the situation is serious, the police, to resolve the problem.

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