First Impressions: How to Get Your Neighbors to Like You

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First impressions that you make on your neighbors may determine the fate of your neighborly relationship. When you move into a new home, chances are that someone is going to be living next to you. If you’re living in an apartment or townhome, living in close proximity to another person is unavoidable. Start things off on the right foot with these tips.

Introduce Yourself

It sort of goes without saying, but introducing yourself is the first step of starting a friendly relationship with a neighbor. Some people wait so long to go over and say hello that it starts to get awkward. You may assume that your new neighbor will come over and introduce themselves first, but that’s not always how it is. It doesn’t mean they’re rude. They could be shy or unsure how to approach you. Break the ice by going over and ringing the doorbell on moving in day. This is a great excuse to say hello. Your reason for coming over could be to apologize for any noise that a moving truck and movers may cause. You neighbor will see this as a thoughtful courtesy on your part.

Be Respectful

Imagine that you were the one who already lived there and you noticed a moving truck pulling in one morning. What would be your first thoughts about your new neighbor? Chances are, you would be wondering if they are going to cause any trouble or disturbance to your peaceful neighborhood. Prove yourself to be a worthy community member by respecting the rights of others. Avoid throwing any loud and boisterous housewarming parties when you move in. Your neighbor’s first impression of you will be that you throwing loud parties every weekend. Keep the peace in the neighborhood and maintain your property. There’s nothing that gets a neighborhood angry quite like an eyesore of a front yard.

Doing Favors

Borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor? Remember that favors go both ways. Keep neighbors in mind when doing things like yard chores and home improvements. Maybe you sealed your driveway and are left with a half of a bucket of sealer that you don’t want to store. Ask your neighbor if they would have a use for it. Is your neighbor elderly, disabled or even a single mom with young kids? Surprise them by shoveling their driveway while you’re out doing yours. Chances are your favors will be repaid in the form of bringing in your mail while you’re on vacation or getting free home-grown tomatoes in the summer.

Making Changes

A lot of people are averse to change. Before making big changes in your yard that might affect your neighbor’s view, talk to them. Sure, its ultimately your decision if you want to cut down the giant oak tree that shades both of your back yards, but it’s courteous to give them a little warning. The same goes with any kind of backyard building that may create some noise. If you plan on starting to drill the post holes for your new deck at 6 am on a Saturday, let the neighbors know ahead of time.

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