Recycling Wardrobe Moving Boxes

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Some of those who are preparing for a residential move may never have heard of wardrobe moving boxes at all. These kinds of boxes for moving are not your standard simple cardboard construction, although in some ways, they may not be that different. Wardrobe moving boxes are often referred to as portable closets, because many of them include specific features to provide for hanging garments or other types of clothing storage.

Wardrobe moving boxes can include specific cardboard compartments for types of clothing. Another design aspect of these kinds of moving supplies is a metal or plastic bar across the top of the box, where the user can position the garments on clothes hangers that work at for hanging storage.

Using wardrobe boxes for moving is a neat way to keep clothes in good condition during transit and to provide for easier installation and deposit at your destination. But what about when wardrobe boxes have served their purpose? After a move, keeping an eye on how to recycle wardrobe moving boxes can save you time and money in future relocations and other transitions, or even at spring cleaning, when it’s time to remove part of your wardrobe and take it to community events or venues for resale or donation.

Keep Wardrobe Boxes Broken Down

If it’s time to retire your temporary garment closet after a move, consider how you can keep your wardrobe boxes in a compact space. Users may have to disassemble certain parts of the box before flattening wardrobe boxes for long term storage. However, just like the rest of your cardboard moving boxes, these supplies can take up very little room for keeping them at your home in order to facilitate easier storage next time you have to bundle up your clothes.

Recycling Wardrobe Boxes

The common process of recycling cardboard boxes is part of a greater program to reduce what’s called “material source reduction” by agencies like the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection. Many municipalities have recycling services that will pick up paper and cardboard along with other materials for recycling. With wardrobe boxes, be sure to separate plastic or metal components from the cardboard when preparing items for recycling pick-up.

Households can get a lot more great tips on recycling common materials like cardboard at an extensive U.S. E.P.A. web site with all kinds of information resources about how the federal government is advocating good stewardship of the environment. Recycling tips and energy saving strategies are just part of what the E.P.A. includes in their site as part of outreach to American families about how to provide a better future through standardized practices in reduction, re-use and recycling.

Individuals and households that have a concern for recycling items are encouraged to develop their own overall recycling plans with attention to some of the resources mentioned above. Recycling household materials, after a move or at other times, can go a long way toward keeping a local area competitive in modern conservation.

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