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Basics of Gardening: Fertilizer

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To grow healthy, beautiful plants, a good organic gardening fertilizer is recommended. Therefore, it’s important to feed plants on a regular basis with a fertilizer that has the right balance of nutrients. Usually, plant food containing an equal mix of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium will encourage maximum plant growth and health. Plant Health 101 In order to thrive, plants need carbon, […] read more

5 Gardening Techniques Even a Novice Can Master

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Gardening techniques are good to understand and practice. They’re important to help you plant and harvest successfully. Beginners won’t have a problem if they know the right techniques to learn. Here are five general gardening techniques that even a novice can get the hang of and quickly master. 1. Make Your Own Compost Compost is […] read more

Apartment Garden Design Basics

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In a small space, such as a patio or balcony, garden design can be somewhat of a challenge. Nevertheless, with a little thought, you can make the underused space of such an area a serene spot in which to garden or merely relax. Consider your Location One of the first things you’ll need to do is to […] read more

4 Indoor Gardening Tips for the Novices

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With just a few indoor gardening tips, you can grow vegetables, herbs and other plants your first time around. You’ve made a great choice to plant a garden inside your apartment. You’ll reap both health and fresh air benefits from it, as well as the pleasure of using what you grow in your apartment for […] read more

5 Indoor Gardening Products You Can’t Live Without

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Gardening products are not all created equal or designed for use in an indoor garden. Indoor gardens require special tools that will work in smaller spaces and that are easily storable. Below are 5 indoor gardening products that you can’t live without. Fabric Gloves Cotton fabric gloves are an essential for an indoor gardener. Fabric […] read more

5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Your Apartment

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Growing tomatoes in your apartment is a viable option, and the only option if you live somewhere with cool temperatures. It’s perfect to include in a container garden, and you can grow them entirely indoors. You can also grow them outdoors in a raise bed garden or in containers. 1- Start with Tomato Plants, Not […] read more

10 Tips for Plant Repotting

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Plant repotting is a joy that many plant lovers take great care in doing. If this is a new endeavour, it can be one that seems to requires some skill.  The following are a few tips to get the process right. 1. Is It Time The best time to re-pot a plant is just before […] read more


What You Need for a Rock Garden

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Building a rock garden can spruce up any apartment, and give it a natural look that you’ll enjoy. It’s a great choice for apartment dwellers because it can be cheap to put together if you gather the right materials. Here’s what you need for a rock garden: Rocks You need to select a combination of […] read more

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5 Recommended Plants and Flowers for Shady Areas

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One of the disadvantages of living in an apartment building is having limited sunlight to grow plants and flowers. There’s still a variety of options for renters who want to grow things in the shade. Here’s a list of 5 recommended plants and flowers to grow in shady areas: 1. Impatiens These are short plants […] read more

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