5 Indoor Gardening Products You Can’t Live Without

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Gardening products are not all created equal or designed for use in an indoor garden. Indoor gardens require special tools that will work in smaller spaces and that are easily storable. Below are 5 indoor gardening products that you can’t live without.

Fabric Gloves

Cotton fabric gloves are an essential for an indoor gardener. Fabric gloves will absorb dirt and water rather than letting it drip to the floor as plastic gloves would permit. Additionally, fabric gloves are less prone to tearing which is important since most likely all gardening supplies will be stored together in one area inside the home. Even if below a sharp pair of shears or other utensils, cotton gloves will rip less than plastic ones.

Plastic, Small Watering Can

Because indoor gardens are typically smaller and stacked vertically, it will not be possible to dump an unmeasured amount of water over each one without potentially creating runoff that will land on other plants, the floor or your walls. A small watering can will help you to control how much water each plant receives and eliminate much of the potential for overwatering. A clear watering can with measurements would be ideal. That the watering can be plastic is important for storage because it is less likely that the plastic will cause a rust stain where it is stored, as a metal can would.

Plant Stands or Pot Bases

Beneath each pot in an indoor garden there should lay a base or stand to catch any runoff water. Not having these stands will allow any unabsorbed water to fall to the floor or the plant underneath it, possibly ruining either. Also, a plant base catches any falling soil. The plant base, however, will not just protect your home but will also assist you in growing better plants. When soil and water are trapped in the base they remain there for future absorption. This means that the plant has a chance to absorb all it needs over time if it was unable to do so when it was watered.

Tarp or Plastic Coverings

While you are not going to leave a tarp or plastic coverings beneath your garden all the time, owning one is essential for when you pot your flowers, till soil or trim dead leaves. A tarp or another plastic covering will catch any flying soil, plant food or other items that you do not want on your floors. Additionally, any soil caught on the tarp can be reused in another pot if necessary.

Non-Toxic Supplies

Because your garden is inside, any plant food, bug repellents or other chemicals you plan to use in your garden should be non-toxic. Non-toxic chemicals will not harm children, pets or yourself while still permitting you to grow and care for your plants.

Plastic Gardening Tools

You may not need every gardening tool for your indoor garden, but whichever items you purchase should be made of plastic. Much like the watering can, metal tools have the potential to stain the shelves where they are kept and this stain may not be removable without damaging the shelf’s surface. Plastic tools will work just as well as metal tools and eliminate this problem.

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