5 Recommended Plants and Flowers for Shady Areas

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One of the disadvantages of living in an apartment building is having limited sunlight to grow plants and flowers. There’s still a variety of options for renters who want to grow things in the shade. Here’s a list of 5 recommended plants and flowers to grow in shady areas:

1. Impatiens

These are short plants that don’t grow more than one foot. They come in a variety of colors ranging from white to violet, and can make your balcony or container gardens come alive. They’re easy to grow in window boxes and hanging baskets, and it can make windows look aesthetically pleasing. Impatiens are popular plants to grow in the shade because that’s how they grow best. If you’re new to gardening and have limited sunlight, try growing these first.

2. Jewelweed

You might try your hand at growing jewelweed for practical purposes. This is one type of impatiens flower that can come to your aid if you get poison ivy. It’s a natural treatment for it that could come in handy if you have children. These are often orange or yellow in color and won’t do much for your decor. However, they do grow in the shade and you’ll have a non-toxic, natural treatment if you have to fight poison ivy.

3. Bugleweed

These plants bloom flowers that are a beautiful array of purple and blue.They typically grow along the ground, but their short height makes them easy to grow in container gardens. You can replant runners from a mother plant, or find a mother plant to start with. When you plant a bugleweed, keep the crown exposed so that it doesn’t die. You can grow these on your balcony or directly in the soil if your landlords allows.

4. Ferns

Ferns grow great in the shade and can make your garden look thick and luscious. They’re best grown directly in the ground, so these may not be an option if your landlord doesn’t allow you to plant in the yard. However, if you can talk him into planting a small garden, try growing ferns. These will grow even without your help, and therefore require little to no care and maintenance. Once the right soil is present, ferns will flourish on their own.

5. Hostas

Hostas are synonymous with shade gardens in many circles. These plants thrive in the shade. The downside of planting hostas is that they are hard to kill. The upside is that they don’t require much maintenance and upkeep. Once you add your compost to retain moisture, hostas will grow well. You should keep watering them to get the best results. Some good varieties to add color to your garden are: Blue Cadets, Gold Standard, June(gold leaves), Big Mama (blue leaves), and Wide Brim (gold, green and blue).

If you’ve been feeling discouraged about gardening when you look out your windows and see nothing but shade, you’ll be happy to know that some plants and flowers can grow with limited sunlight. Give these five recommended plants a try, and enjoy a new garden hobby.

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