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Tips for Starting an Apartment Garden

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Whether you’ve got a certified green thumb and are lamenting your move to a yard-less apartment or you’re a longtime apartment dweller looking for a nature-friendly hobby, apartment gardening can be a rewarding way to spend some time, decorate your home, and maybe even grow something edible. This article shares a few tips for getting an apartment garden started. read more

Gift Ideas for Apartment Gardening

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Gardening paraphernalia can be a great gift idea. It’s usually relatively inexpensive, and can really brighten up the cold, cloudy winter season. There’s something refreshing about waking up, sliding into a warm fuzzy robe, and gazing out over your backyard covered in a myriad of bright colorful flowers. Oh wait… backyards are for people with houses, and your friend lives in a teeny tiny apartment. But, fear not, for there are many gardening gift ideas out there that will suit a quaint little apartment perfectly. Bigger doesn’t always mean better; at least not in the world of gardening. read more