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Woman takes care of her houseplants like a pro.

10 Houseplant Care Hacks

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Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies among renters and homeowners. read more

A potted monstera plant brightens up a white room

The Perfect Houseplants for Your Apartment This Fall

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With cooler temperatures quickly heading our way in much of the U.S., you may be wondering how you can add some greenery to your living space this fall. Houseplants can certainly lend a touch of the great outdoors to any room — not to mention the fact that they liven up our surroundings at a […] read more

4 Resouces for Indoor Gardening Help

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There’s plenty of indoor gardening help available, because more people are catching on to the benefits of having a garden. Renting used to make it hard to grow a garden. You don’t always have access to a yard, porch, patio or deck. You can only grow a few things in flower pots on your window […] read more

Developing an Indoor Garden Maintenance Schedule

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Maintaining a garden maintenance schedule is important if you want to see your indoor plants thrive. Scheduling times for routine plant care then is essential for raising plants that are as healthy as they are beautiful. Pruning and Propagating Prune your plants to encourage compact growth. Some plants, such as the geranium, can become long and […] read more