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The Benefits of Rent Control

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The concept of rent control has existed to some degree since around World War I. It grew to include several states (and a number of counties and cities within these states) following World War II. The concept of rent control is that it places caps on the maximum amount of money a landlord can charge […] read more

Can a Good Landlord/Tenant Relationship Result in Cheaper Rent?

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Landlord and tenant relationships, while not always easy, can work to your advantage. This is particularly true when your landlord rents and manages a small number of apartments. Landlord Types When looking for an apartment, you may encounter more than one type of landlord. Smaller buildings, or apartments in converted houses, may have a landlord […] read more

How Much Should I Pay for Rent?

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When searching for your next apartment, the first question you’ll likely ask yourself is “how much should I pay for rent?” The amount you should pay is largely dictated by your monthly income, but factoring in what amenities and features you need to live comfortably should also be taken into account. Figure out how much you […] read more

Why You Should Ask for a Rent Receipt

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Receiving a rent receipt should be a normal part of your interaction with your landlord. Among other things, it protects your reputation and your credit rating. Rental Agreement Execution A rental agreement is a legal document expressing the terms related to renting your apartment. Once signed, it is executed, according to those terms. One of […] read more

How Rent Control Works in Los Angeles

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Rent control in Los Angeles covers most of the rental property in the city, provided the property was built before November 1978 or a certificate of operation was issued before that date. Coverage is applicable to any property with two ore more rental units. The following information shows you how the program works and what considerations must […] read more

Before You Panic: How to Handle an Eviction Notice

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You come home to find an eviction notice posted to your door. Do not panic. While eviction is a matter that should be taken seriously, and handled immediately, the notice does not mean that you have to move out tomorrow. It is important, however, to understand your rights and the eviction process. The Notice to […] read more

Are Monthly Rental Apartments Better Than Leasing?

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When you are looking for a rental apartment, you have three options available. These options are monthly rental apartments, short-term leases and long-term leases. The one that is right for you will depend on your specific needs and what you can afford. Short-Term Lease Agreements Short-term leases are a great option if you need to […] read more

Your Apartment Search: 6 Questions to Ask

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With so much to think about as you plan your apartment search, there are a myriad of details that can be overlooked. It may help to sit down and answer a few questions or to make a list of things to remember during your search. 1. What Kind of Features Will You Need? Jot down […] read more

Prorating Rent: Check your Landlord’s Math

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When you move in or out midway through the month, your landlord may prorate your rent: he will only charge you for the portion of your rent you’ve actually used. Since rent is generally determined on a monthly basis, this generally means diving the month’s rent by the number of days in the month, and […] read more