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What are the Financial Consequences of Not Paying Rent

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Whether it’s a bad economy, an unexpected job loss or some other change, you might be tempted to stop paying rent. However, there are financial consequences that can impact you for many years after your decision. Think carefully about what could happen: Late Fees Not paying rent will result in you being charged a late […] read more

Pro-Rated Rent Explained

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What exactly pro rated rent is and how it is calculated can be confusing. At a time when you are spending so much money and signing so many documents, calculating what the figure is based on is the last job you want to do. Pro-rated rent, however, is easily explained. Pro-Rated Rent Defined Typically, apartment […] read more

Paying Rent:Three Acceptable Forms of Payment

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When paying rent, three different forms of payment are acceptable. While situations vary for each tenant, generally everyone has the ability to pay by one of these payment forms. Most landlords are fine with a variety in payment, as long as the rent is paid on time 1. Payment By Check Most people prefer to […] read more

When is the Right Time to Negotiate Rent with Your Landlord?

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It’s possible to negotiate rent with your landlord at almost any time, which could result in you paying lower rent monthly. But many landlords may only agree to lowering rent if you approach them at the right time. So when are the best times to negotiate rent with your landlord? When Average Rents Are Lower […] read more

My Landlord is Raising My Rent: What Now?

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When a landlord begins raising rent, it can often put the renter in a bit of a financial crush and cause them to wonder what to do. While there are laws that maintain when and how a landlord can raise rent, the bottom line is that a landlord can raise the rent on a renter. […] read more

Needing a Loan to Make Rent

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The economy still isn’t in the best shape, and this has made it very difficult for some to make their monthly rent payment. No matter what the circumstances are, it’s a problem if you just don’t have the money to pay rent. Not paying it can mean late fees that get you even deeper into […] read more

The Consequences of Late Rent Payments

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Making a late rent payment, while not the best situation to put yourself in, is not the end of the world. However, habitually paying your rent late is never a good idea. It’s important to remember as a renter that your actions have consequences. You Can Incur Penalty Charges Like a late payment on a […] read more

Looking to Buy a Home? Comparing the Costs of Renting versus Owning

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There are clear differences when weighing the options of renting versus owning. Whichever decision you make will provide clear advantages, though you may achieve a different set of goals. It is important to consider not only the obvious differences, but as you set out to make the right choice, also look at the entire picture along with […] read more

Checking that Rent is Market Rate

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There are many factors that play into how much rent is charged for an apartment. The neighborhood, amenities, and even whether you have a pet can all affect the rent for a particular place. These variables can make it hard to be sure that a landlord is asking for a fair rental amount for an […] read more