4 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Patio

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There are simple ways to decorate your patio, making it a place of ultimate relaxation and a great outdoor area to entertain family and guests. Your decorating options will depend on your financial situation, but there are things that anyone can do, even on a tight budget. Living in an apartment doesn’t limit the possibilities either. Here are four ways you can decorate your patio:

1. Plants and Flowers

Don’t underestimate the impact of plants and flowers on your patio and table, even though you’re outside. These make a great addition to your decoration. If you have a container garden, arrange your plants and flowers in a way that would make your patio look attractive. To do this, figure out the colors of the flowers that each plant produces, and the heights and textures of the plants’ leaves. Then, put containers together based on a color scheme you like, and group other containers based on texture. Do the same for plants and flowers you plan to put on tables. Hanging baskets on your patio also add a nice touch to your patio decor.

2. Lights

You can enjoy being outdoors at night if you decorate your patio with lights. There are many patio lighting options on the market, from simple to high tech. Some patio light options include ambient lighting and diffused lighting. A really simple way to light your patio is to string white Christmas lights around the patio. This is fun for kids, too. Also, it will cost less than expensive patio lights and you’ll have a lower electric bill.

3. Furniture

You want to decorate your patio, because you plan to spend time there. However, you won’t be out there long if you don’t have any furniture to sit on. Patio furniture is a necessary addition to your patio if you’re going to relax or entertain outdoors. If you’ve ever checked out the prices for patio furniture, you’ll note that it can be just as expensive as buying living room furniture. This may not be an option for many tenants on a limited budget. So, the best thing to do is check yard sales, Craigslist, and newspaper classifieds for cheaper furniture that you can use on the patio. It may not be “patio furniture,” but it can do the job. Wood or metal furniture work best and will last longer. Plastic furniture will also be fine.

4. Swing or Hammock

A swing on a patio gives a nostalgic, country feel that many people enjoy. These are easy to get and attach to your patio, and will give your patio a simplistic, yet elegant look. Make sure that the hooks you use to hold up the swing are sturdy, and that the swing itself can hold the weight of at least two adults. If you prefer a hammock to a swing, the same principles apply. Safety has to be your primary concern, because you don’t want a family member or guest climbing into your swing or hammock and getting hurt.

Use  these simple ways to decorate your patio, and you’ll add an “extra room” to your apartment. You’ll also gain the added benefits of breathing fresh air, which can improve your overall physical health.

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  1. January 26, 2010 at 12:40 pm, Teak Deck Furniture said:

    Along with Christmas lights, you can also find inexpensive hanging lanterns to put candles in that create a great ambience.


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