Four Ideas to Maintain Patio Privacy

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It’s hard to enjoy your patio when you feel you’re being watched-here are four ideas to maintain patio privacy.

1. Green It Up

Consider using plants for privacy. If space is ample, this would be a good option for providing patio privacy. Start by building a wall out of lattice wood work. Then plant either a fast growing ivy or vine, training it to grow and spread out over the grid. This will block off neighbors from having access to view the patio. In addition to having some privacy, these plants will add a peaceful feeling to the patio.

2. Fence It Up

Another option is to build a privacy fence. This idea can involve either a wooden fence, or a wall made out of brick, stone or concrete blocks. A privacy fence can be bought in pre-assembled sections or custom made. This kind of work might seem like a lot of effort, but the end result will provide you with total privacy. With this idea though, be sure to check to see if building permit before starting the project.

3. Water It Up

You can use a water fountain to drown out noise. This idea provides a peaceful, tranquil retreat. A patio is meant to be an area to relax and to mellow out. And what better way to relax to hear the calming sounds of soft bubbling water?

4. Combo It Up

This idea can be used by itself or in combination with one of the other ideas. A patio cover might not block all unwanted scenarios, but it will provide a more “hidden” setup in the backyard.

Now that you have the privacy that was desired, it is time to enjoy!

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