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An Interior Design Crash Course for Apartment Dwellers

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So, you’ve found yourself a living space (or you’ve grown bored of its look), and now you’re looking for a quick run-through on interior design. With a few basic concepts rolling around in your head, it’s really not that tough! Here are some general categories to think about: Don’t Let Large Furniture Stand in Your […] read more

Small Bedroom Makeover Ideas for a Small Budget

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When you want to makeover your bedroom, but you don’t have any bedroom makeover ideas, and to top it off, you’re on a budget, don’t get frustrated! Decorating for small spaces, especially your bedroom, does not have to mean giving up on style or cashing in your savings. There are many bedroom decorating ideas that will allow you […] read more

Apartment Interior Painting: 6 Tips

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Interior painting is a simple way to change the appearance of your apartment. Whether painting your living room or your entire apartment, a paint job helps to freshen up your living space. Before starting, you should gain an understanding of the painting process, to ensure that things go smoothly. 1. Planning Start by measuring the […] read more

Dining Room Decorating for Less Than $500

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Dining room decorating from scratch can be challenging. Dining room furniture can be expensive, and it is easy to go over budget. However, follow these guidelines, and you will have a picture perfect dining room for under $500. 1 – A Dining Room Table Doesn’t Have to be a Dining Room Table If you have […] read more

Color Solutions for Your Studio Apartment

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Using color in your studio apartment is one good way to decorate. Color is important because it sets the tone of your room and creates a general ambiance. Since you’re living in one small space, you’ll have to think of effective ways to use color. If you go overboard, there won’t be a place to […] read more

So You Want to Paint Your Apartment?

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Unless you've just signed a lease in a luxury apartment building, your first look at your new place may be a disappointment. Countless renters have opened their new front doors to find yellowing and peeling paint, scuff marks and stains on the walls or a hideous paint job in the bedroom. A few calls to the landlord or maintenance company may solve the problem. If you've just signed a lease with an unresponsive owner or want an unconventional look for your walls, you may be tempted to paint the apartment yourself. Here are some things to think about before you take the plunge. read more

Decorating Websites That Save You Money

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We all want to decorate our homes to the best of our abilities, but sometimes those abilities are limited by our pocketbooks! Check out the following decorating-oriented sites for tips on keeping your decorating budget under control. Some sites have helpful do-it-yourself tips; others have affordable furniture and accessories. Read on, then rev up your apartment with these stylish savings! read more

Come Home to a Colorful Apartment

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Your walls are white, your carpet is beige, your kitchen tile is gray, and you chose neutrally colored furniture to give you a blank background for decorating. Now your apartment just couldn’t be more boring—but what can you do to liven it up? Color is the key, especially when you’re starting with a blank palette. Read on for some super creative and exciting ideas about how to add color—and therefore excitement—to your home. read more

Lead Based Paint in Your Apartment?

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Lead-based paint, which contains measurable quantities of lead, has the potential to be a health hazard. Use of the paint in residential buildings was outlawed in the late 1970’s, but many older residences may still contain lead-based paint. Read on for general information about lead-based paint and specifics regarding your landlord’s responsibilities in relation to this issue. read more