6 Tips for Packing a Flat-Panel TV for Moving

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Tips for packing a flat-panel television are similar to tips for packing most electronics that are heavy and valuable. You simply can’t afford the risk of damaging your TV because the replacement monies you receive from your insurance company might be less than what it’s worth. Here are 6 tips for packing your TV for your move:

1. Original Boxes

If you held on to the original cartons that the flat-panel TV was packed in, use the same to re-pack it. If you threw away the foams, then use blankets or towels for padding. This tip for packing your flat-panel TV will also help you for insurance purposes if you don’t have your original receipt.

2. Heavy-Duty Boxes

Most people moving don’t have the original box for their flat-panel TV, and need to buy a box. You can’t select just any box for this task, or you’ll risk your TV getting smashed in transport. Buy heavy duty boxes, made of double walls. These are sturdy boxes that are difficult to penetrate. For example, the edges of the television screen won’t be able to puncture a box that’s double corrugated, but it will puncture a single corrugated box. You can buy heavy duty boxes direct from your moving company or an online moving supplies store.

3. Reinforce Seals

One important tip for packing a flat-panel TV during moving is to use sturdy tape to double seal the bottom and top of your box. This “locks” your television in the box and stops it from falling out on either end. Don’t use scotch tape or other tape that won’t hold the box together. Buy packing tape and use a lot of it to make sure the box has no chance of opening.

4. Bubble Wrap

Any tip for packing anything will include using bubble wrap. It’s an excellent cushion for many things, including flat-panel TVs. You can use it to line both ends of the box, and wrap your TV in it. Be sure to use packing tape to close the ends of your wrap together. Add an extra layer of bubble wrap as long as you can still fit the flat-panel TV in the box. This will give it extra protection, making it impossible to break under normal circumstances.

5. Blankets

An alternative to bubble wrap is blankets. If you’re going to be moving blankets anyway, you might as well use them to cushion your flat-panel TV. However, don’t select too large a blanket or you’ll have trouble fitting everything in the box, and you could be charged more for the extra shipping weight. The right sized blanket can do the job of wrapping the television, while simultaneously providing padding for the top and bottom of the box. Avoid thin throw blankets and use ones that are stuffed.

6. Mark Your Boxes

Unless you’re using the original box, no one’s going to know that you have a flat-panel TV in the box you packed. It’s important then to mark your boxes, alerting movers and shippers to the fact that they’re carrying something fragile. Take a black marker, or use a stamp to mark “Fragile” several times all over the box. You can also mark the box “This Side Up” on the top so that it’s not carried the wrong way.

Don’t neglect to use any of these tips for packing your flat-panel TV. If you’re at fault for not packing it correctly, you could be denied any money back from your insurance company.

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