The Art of Packing Boxes for Moving

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Moving is one of the big stress-inducers for people, and packing moving boxes is just not fun. However, getting things taken care of ahead of schedule will take a lot of the worry away from a move. Packing in a timely and organized manner will mean that you free yourself of anxiety over where everything is when you get to your new place.

Pick the Right Box

The first part of the art of packing boxes for moving is to pick the appropriately sized box for every job. You don’t want to pick huge boxes to pack heavy things within (unless it’s one big heavy item, of course). For instance, books are very heavy when boxed and put together. If you pack too many books in a huge box, you or someone else may be hurt trying to transport it. Instead, pick a higher quantity of smaller boxes. This will help balance the load. When it comes to lighter items like clothes, you may want to bring on a larger box to get more done at one time.

Room by Room

Pack up one room at a time. Pack up like things together. Pots and pans should go in boxes together; magnets on the fridge would need to be separated by cloth or tissue and packed together in a small box. Breakable plates will need special packing resources. Moving companies offer special boxes that offer placements for individual dishes and cups, or you may opt to try to maneuver it yourself with bubble wrap and careful packing.

Fragile Items

Make sure to have a red marker; you’ll need it to write “Fragile” in big letters across all boxes that tote something breakable. Otherwise, even careful movers may get a bit wreckless in the midst of an exhausting day. Wrap any and all glass or otherwise breakable items in bubble wrap and/or a secure cloth. Shake those boxes very gently to make sure that they are steadily in place. Packing fragile items in the wrong way can easily lead to breakage.

Sentimental Items

If something is very important to you, set it aside; have a box for your most important items that you personally oversee. If you can easily carry it yourself, do so. Mover’s insurance has no weight over the sentimental value of an item so protect things of that nature yourself. A child’s favorite toys may also fall under this category. Encourage your child to place her most important things in one box that you help her with carrying yourself. This makes sure there are no emotional catastrophes within the move.

Placing the Items

When you go to pack up your boxes, make sure that you place the heaviest item on bottom. That even goes for books. If you have some coffee table books, place them at the bottom of the box. If it’s dishes, you’ll want to put the roasting dishes and other large items at the bottom. This prevents damage to the smaller items, and it will help things stay in place within the box. It also gives more balance to the box as you pack.

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