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6 Moving Tips for Your Home Office

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American Bureau of Labor statistics show that more Americans are working from a home office. As companies attempt to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint, more and more employees and freelancers are encouraged to use their home as an office space. This can get kind of complicated on moving day. Here are some easy […] read more

Apartment without Elevator: How to Get Furniture Upstairs

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When you’re moving furniture into an upstairs apartment, elevator access might not always be available. The elevator might be out of service, there may be weight restrictions against moving furniture in it or the building might not even have an elevator. If that’s the case, you’re going to need some help and a little bit […] read more

Discount Moving Company: Does It Really Save You Money?

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If you’re looking to save costs on a relocation, whether it’s down the street or across the country, you may be thinking about hiring a discount moving company that promises low, low rates for transporting all of your stuff. But beware: not all discount movers are all that they are cracked up to be, and […] read more

Moving Day Safety Tips: Lifting Heavy Furniture or Appliances

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On moving day, it’s important to remember some good safety guidelines in order to prevent injuring yourself while getting all of your home furnishings from one place to another. Lots of people who ignore safety for lifting end up with long-term injury or impairment from taking on too much weight the wrong way. Don’t let […] read more

Duplex Rental: What to Know before Moving In

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A duplex rental is different from renting an apartment in other buildings, and it’s important to know the differences before moving in. You may decide that the only type of rental unit you want is a duplex, after you understand some of implications of living in one. Sharing a Yard You’re going to be share […] read more

5 Miami Neighborhoods to Consider

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Miami neighborhoods vary greatly. In just a few short blocks, you can find yourself traveling from a suburban area to an urban, touristy region. Depending on your family status and desires for the neighborhoods and your ideal lifestyle, there are many neighborhood options in Miami. Below is a description of 5 Miami neighborhoods to consider, […] read more

Interstate Moving: 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition

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Whether you’re transitioning from Alaska to Florida or making a short hop from New Jersey to New York, interstate moving can be a stressful time. Here are some tips to have a smooth transition as you move from one state to another. 1. Check with the DMV There’s usually a grace period when moving to […] read more

Moving Day: How to Secure Furniture to the Top of a Car

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You may have little choice but to secure furniture to the top of a car on your moving day. It doesn’t work well for long distance moves, or if you plan to travel on the highway much. The best option in those cases is to borrow or rent a truck. However, if you find yourself […] read more

Moving Truck Rentals: 6 Tips for Getting a Good Deal

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Finding good deals on truck rentals while moving is not difficult. You have to be aware of the discounts available to you as well as how to compare prices among the various rental companies. There are also a few tips that you can apply to slash your costs by a significant amount, such as: Tip […] read more