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How to Get Rid of Your Cardboard Moving Boxes

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When you have a lot of cardboard moving boxes around after a move, it can be tempting to let them linger. However, the sooner you get rid of your packing materials, the sooner your new apartment will feel like a true home. Get creative and make your apartment your own, without the burden of empty […] read more

Selling or Storing Furniture: What to Do When Downsizing Apartments

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If you’re moving apartments from a larger apartment into a smaller one, you have the option of storing your furniture or selling it (smaller apartments simply don’t look good cluttered with too much large furniture). What you choose to do depends on the longevity of your living situation and your personal preferences. When to Store […] read more

Self Storage Space: Is it Worth the Cost?

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Determining whether or not self storage space is worth the cost depends on a number of factors. If you’re considering renting a unit for storage, make sure you factor in the following: How Much You Intend to Store One disadvantage of being an apartment dweller is that your storage space is likely more limited than […] read more

4 Storage Containers That Won’t Kill Your Budget

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Finding storage containers that are durable and functional—as well as affordable—can be a pain for apartment dwellers because they have limited space to work with. When looking for ways to store your items that won’t kill your budget, consider the following: 1. Plastic Shoe Bins Plastic shoe bins are often underrated storage containers that you’ll […] read more

Should You Use Cleaning Services When Moving?

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If you’re looking to relocate in the near future, you may be thinking about whether to use cleaning services as part of your overall moving strategy. There are a lot of factors involved in this decision, but looking critically at costs can usually help apartment or house dwellers to decide whether it’s worth hiring a […] read more

Apartment Rental: Storage Spaces When Moving

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Rental storage spaces can be life savers when you’re moving from one apartment rental to the next. It’s not just convenient for long distance moves, but local moves also. There are times when you have to move out of one apartment and wait for days, weeks or even months to move in to a new […] read more

4 Things to Get Rid of When Downsizing Apartments

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Downsizing is synonymous with decluttering, and no matter what you call it, it’s hard to do. Getting rid of items can be a challenge if you’re a pack rack, or fear your financial future. Perhaps you worry that you won’t have the money for something when you eventually need it in the future. If you’re […] read more

What is the Average Moving Cost of Moving to a Foreign Country?

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The average moving cost to a foreign country varies depending on the distance your belongings will travel, the type of transportation used and the port fees in the country of destination. Additionally, the precise price per cubic foot that a moving company charges differs. Below is the costs that will comprise the average moving cost […] read more

The Grimy Side of Low Rent Apartments

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Lots of apartment seekers are looking for low rent apartments and other bargains to keep their rent costs down. They want to hand over less money to the landlord at the end of every month. But one thing that low rent apartment dwellers should be ready to handle is dirt. Many of the lowest rent […] read more