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This decked out doorway has been given an elegant silver handle and a royal blue color to match the room around it.

5 Tips for Decking Out Your Doorways

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Doorways form an important part of every home. read more

Couple Moving In Together

Moving in With Your Partner: How to Blend Styles

  You met. You fell in love. Now, you’re consolidating furniture. Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship—it means you want to share a life together under the same roof. read more

5 Common Contemporary Style Elements to Incorporate into Your Apartment

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Contemporary style elements are much easier to incorporate in an apartment setting, than other decorating styles geared that are a better fit for homeowners. If there’s one word that would describe this decorating style, it’s “clean.” Modern accessories and pieces are used to accent walls, floors and furniture. Here are 5 common contemporary style elements […] read more

How to Find Apartment Decor that Fits Your Personality

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To make the most of the time spent in your apartment, it’s helpful to choose an apartment decor that is compatible with your own personality and tastes. Therefore, reviewing some of the main interior design styles can help you decide on a décor that best meets with your requirements as far as aesthetics and your individual preferences. […] read more