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4 Reasons to Hire Movers

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If you’re moving in the near future, it would probably be to your benefit to hire movers to handle the main part of the task for you. Professional movers can save you time and money and allow you to concentrate on your daily tasks while you’re transitioning from your old residence into your new home. […] read more

How to Find Affordable Movers for Your Budget

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Professional movers can be pricey, but there are affordable movers out there for your budget. The key is knowing where to find them. You can’t just look through the yellow pages and tell which ones are affordable, unless “affordable” is a part of their name. Many don’t publish prices on their websites either, and with so many movers […] read more

4 Reasons Apartment Movers Are a Waste of Money

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Apartment movers are beneficial in some cases, but in others they are a waste of money. Some renters can benefit greatly from apartment movers, such as when the move is long distance or last minute. That’s not the case, though, for many other movers. You would be better off holding onto your money and moving […] read more

The Pros and Cons of a Small Movers Service

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Small movers can often provide a very competitive price for moving a household across town or across the country. Other times, these same smaller companies can mean a lot of headaches for clients who did not research their choices very well. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of going with a smaller moving […] read more

Moving Companies: Liability and Insurance Explained

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Moving companies are required by federal and state law to offer insurance to their customers. However, the amount and type of insurance changes depending on what you as the customer purchase. Below is an explanation of the typical types of insurance offered by moving companies. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Interstate moving companies are […] read more

What Is the Most Important Aspect to Consider When Choosing Relocation Companies?

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When choosing relocation companies to hire for your local or long-distance move, the most important aspect to consider is the company’s reliability. A company’s reliability encompasses everything from their background to their dispute resolution process and insurance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration All interstate and some local moving companies are required to abide by […] read more

Moving Day: How to Keep Your Movers Happy

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Moving day is hectic and messy. However, the key to making your move smoother is to keep the movers happy. Happy movers mean a better, more cautious move. Creating happy movers is not difficult, but can make all the difference for your move. Be Polite Your attitude on moving day will set the tone for […] read more

Getting Rid of Junk Not Good Enough to Give Away

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Sometimes you find yourself with junk you just can’t get rid of. You are stuck with some items that you can’t sell on Craigslist, can’t donate to Goodwill, and can’t even give away on Freecycle. But that junk doesn’t have to sit around your apartment forever. Here are some ideas on ways to dispose of […] read more

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5 Safety Tips When Moving

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If you plan to move your belongings yourself, make sure you use the safety tips below. This will help you prevent injury to yourself and anyone else helping you with the move. Here’s what you can do to keep everyone safe: 1. Use a Dolly A dolly, also called a hand truck, is piece of […] read more