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The Apartment Moving Checklist

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It has been said that moving is equivalent to the stress associated with divorce. If you’ve moved, especially more than once, you can understand that the only way to do it is by being ultra-organized-the best way to do so is to have an apartment moving checklist. If you are not an organized person pay […] read more

Is There a Penalty for Not Giving 30-Day Notice?

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For virtually every leasing contract, you will be required to provide a 30 day notice to your landlord, notifying them of your intent to move out. Without proper notification, you may be placing yourself and all other residents on your lease in jeopardy of costly penalties or fees. The Purpose of a 30 Day Notice […] read more

Essential Financial Arrangements to Add to Your Moving List

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There’s a lot of work to get done when you’re moving, and a moving list is what you need to keep up with it all. Your list needs to include only the essentials if you want it to be effective. Here’s what to include when it comes to avoiding unnecessary charges to your bank account. […] read more

Move Smart: Create a Moving out Checklist

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Moving out of your apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. To keep yourself organized, making a moving out checklist should be a one of the first things you do. This will help the process move smoothly and also help to relieve some of the stress that’s associated with moving. Here are some categories to think […] read more


How to Prepare for Moving Overseas

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Moving across town can be a hassle, but moving overseas can be a stress-inducing nightmare if you don’t know how to prepare. Follow a few simple tips to make the process easier. Find an Apartment If you have relocated overseas but still need to find an apartment, wor with an information center set up for […] read more

Packing and Moving in Under 24 Hours

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Moving out in a hurry? Then you need to pack in a hurry! When you’ve got no time to waste, grab your packing boxes, markers, packing and tape and learn how to pack and move in under 24 hours. Step 1 – Work on One Room at a Time It will be easier for you […] read more

The Apartment Dweller’s Moving Checklist

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So you’ve found a new apartment, signed the lease, and now you’re ready to prepare for the dreaded move. To make that move less daunting, be sure to use a moving checklist such as this one. Using a moving list will help you prepare for your move, and will help to ensure that nothing is […] read more

Get the Most Back from Your Security Deposit

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To get the most back from your apartment security deposit, you have to remember that you’re living in “borrowed” space, and it’s your responsibility to “return” the borrowed space in as close to original condition as you can manage. At the same time, as a borrower, you have rights, too, and you must make sure […] read more

How to Make Move-Out Day Painless & Easy

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When Moving Day involves an apartment, it can get a bit complicated. You often have stairs or shared walkways to navigate. You have a responsibility to be careful about banging up walls and door frames. You can be on a tight schedule to move before a lease expires or a new one gets too far […] read more