The Apartment Moving Checklist

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It has been said that moving is equivalent to the stress associated with divorce. If you’ve moved, especially more than once, you can understand that the only way to do it is by being ultra-organized-the best way to do so is to have an apartment moving checklist. If you are not an organized person pay or beg someone to help. First apartment movers take note because there’s a good chance you’ll do this a couple of times.

This is your quick and dirty checklist for moving. Keep it with you at all times and make it just that, a moving checklist. That means check it off as it gets done.

1. Throw Out What You Won’t Use

Once you’ve secured your new digs walk into your “about to be history” space and get into throw out mode. Open up a closet and drag out the hideaways-if you haven’t used it in over a year or more it’s pretty much a goner. Don’t get sentimental here. Think Terminator. Note: If you throw out any documents be sure to shred or destroy them. However, be nice and throw a pile of usables on a thrift shop counter, get your contribution tax write off receipt and feel good you recycled.

2. Boxes & Tape

If you’ve hired a moving company be sure and ask that they throw in some free boxes and tape. Wardrobe boxes are usually a standard throw in otherwise you’ll probably have to buy these. For other boxes if you have some extra cash to burn new ones are nice, crazy expensive, but nice. On the other hand being green is in so you can scour craigslist under ‘free stuff’ and punch in ‘moving boxes’ in the search bar and usually someone has a curb alert as to where these treasures may lie.

Local stores always have a pile waiting to be broken up. Just be nice and don’t make a mess. Tape is worth its weight in gold. Spend your money here and don’t hold back-get a few of those portable tape dispensers with the handle and really sharp toother cutter.

3. Mail, etc.

If you’re not running from the law then fill out a change of address form at your local post office so you stay on the grid. However, don’t think that this is a magic form that allows you to skirt your responsibility of contacting everyone that makes your world turn. Think cable, cell phone, utilities (make sure you give them a shutoff and, if applicable, turn on date) and licensing or membership associations such as your driver’s license law license, radio controlled airplane membership, etc.

Once you’ve checked these off you’re pretty much ready to skedaddle.

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