The Apartment Dweller’s Moving Checklist

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So you’ve found a new apartment, signed the lease, and now you’re ready to prepare for the dreaded move. To make that move less daunting, be sure to use a moving checklist such as this one. Using a moving list will help you prepare for your move, and will help to ensure that nothing is forgotten or left undone.

Example of a Moving Checklist for Days Before Move Out

  1. Return anything that is not yours-library books, movies, borrowed clothes, etc. The less you have to pack, the better.
  2. Make sure that you have fulfilled all of your obligations under your current lease regarding moving out, and make sure that you have notified your landlord of your move-out date. Also, schedule a time with your landlord for the move-out walk-through.
  3. Contact your utility companies to notify them of your move-out.
  4. Complete a change of address form with the post office, and remember to have your mail forwarded to your new address.
  5. Research moving companies. Get referrals from friends, make sure the moving company has the right size moving truck available for your move, and compare prices. Be sure to get the moving estimates in writing so that there is no misunderstanding on moving day. Another thing to remember is to ask the moving companies for the methods of payment they accept. You don’t want to be ready to pay by credit card to find out they only accept cash.
  6. Start collecting moving boxes. Either visit your local grocery store to request boxes for free, or go down to your local moving supplies or office supplies store to purchase boxes.
  7. Start packing. The earlier you start, the less overwhelming it will seem. Remember to leave a few boxes out for last minute items to be packed away on moving day, such as your toiletries.
  8. As you pack your moving boxes, label them with the room each one belongs in. The movers will be able to then place each box in the appropriate room. Also mark boxes that are fragile not only as such, but indicate the side that should be facing up.
  9. Count your boxes. Make sure you know how many boxes are getting on the moving truck so you know how many should be getting off.

Example of Moving Checklist for Day of Move Out

  1. Pack up those last minute items, and either leave them for the movers or put them in your car.
  2. Give the movers directions. Make sure that the movers know where they are going. The last thing you need is the stress of a lost moving truck.
  3. Walk through your apartment to make sure nothing was left behind.
  4. When the moving truck arrives at your new apartment, count the moving boxes again. Make sure the number getting off matches the number that got on.
  5. Have cash on hand for a tip, and drinks and snacks available to offer.
  6. Go back, and do a final cleaning of your old apartment before turning over the keys or you may lose some of your security deposit.

Staying organized and prepared with a moving checklist will make your move much less stressful!

Emily Gojko: I am a writer, marketer, and manager with a strong background in real estate development and management. I am also a native New Yorker with an obsession for home design shows, so I have personal and professional experience making the most of small spaces, and dealing with good and bad living situations.

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