Moving Day: How to Plan an Efficient Move

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Moving day will be here soon, and you’re probably trying to arrange an efficient, stress-free move. This article will detail the proper way to plan the big move to minimize frustration, mistakes and time wasted.

Tying up Loose Ends at Your Old Place

Nothing is worse than trying to get settled in your new apartment and realizing that you’ve forgotten to tie up an important loose end at your old one. Be it water, gas, electric, Internet service, forwarding your mail or what have you, loose ends can make an already stressful move into a nightmare.

Be sure to check all your services before the big move, to avoid these nasty surprises.

Don’t leave yourself without heat in the dead of winter; just make sure it’s shut off by the day you move.

Getting Ready to Move Shop

Before packing everything you own into a moving van, it’s important to secure it all, especially breakable crockery and glassware, in damage-resistant containers. Scout local fast-food restaurants, department stores and thrift stores for unused cardboard boxes, and if possible get some tougher plastic containers for the aforementioned breakables at your local super store.

Use dishtowels, rags or even clothing to pad your more fragile possessions, and never, ever stack heavy things on top of them when packing. If sealing your packing boxes, make sure you label them accurately to make packing the moving vehicle easier.

Packing the Moving Vehicle

Contrary to instinct, it’s a terrible idea to put the heavy furniture into the moving vehicle first. If you do, when you unpack you’ll have a house full of small boxes which will have to be moved around constantly to make room for the furniture.

Instead, pack the back of the moving vehicle with all the smaller boxes containing your clothes, dishes, etc. Once those are situated, move the furniture in behind them, making sure they’re secured so they don’t shift and crush your other boxes.

Unpacking and Settling in

A thorough cleaning is almost an imperative, to ensure that you aren’t trapping a ton of dust, bacteria or mold beneath or behind a piece of furniture. You can do this the day of, but it might be less stressful to do it a day or two beforehand, if possible.

Once the move-in begins, unpack your furniture first, before you do anything else. If you’re using a single moving vehicle and followed the above packing tip, then this should be self-explanatory. If you’re using multiple smaller moving vehicles, try to pack them with any furniture as close to the exits as possible.

Situate your furniture the way you’d like it to be, including your bed, any couches or armchairs, and the dining table (if applicable). Once the heavy pieces are in place, begin bringing in small boxes and sorting them by room; kitchen boxes in the kitchen, clothing boxes in the bedroom or closet, etc. Your wise decision to label your boxes well earlier will greatly reduce the stress and confusion of trying to remember which box is which and where everything goes.

And lastly, remember to embrace your new apartment for its differences, and don’t be afraid to construct an entirely new living space for yourself!

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