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5 Themes for Redecorating Your Living Room

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Redecorating living rooms can be easier than you think. You don’t have to have a degree in interior design to transform your living room into a place you’ll enjoy spending much of your time. The key is to pick a theme you like and run with it. 1. Country Living If you enjoy the homey […] read more

6 Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas for Apartments

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There are many  living room decoration ideas, but there are fewer options if you have a limited budget. You can give your living room a face-lift with a modern room design that’s affordable. Here’s how: 1. Solid Color Vases Put large color vases on your end tables or coffee table to give your living room […] read more

How to Decorate a Living Room with Taste

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Given the fact that your living room will likely be the most popular room in your entire apartment (or, at least, the room seen and utilized most by visitors), you may want to know how to decorate a living room with taste. Feel at ease with your living room decor by designing a room that […] read more

Frugal Decorating: The $70 Living Room Make Over

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A living room makeover in an apartment can transform a mismatched room into a room with a clear vision. But living on a budget, you probably don’t think you can afford to redecorate. Here are some frugal decorating tips that can help you transform your living room for less. Freshen with Homemade Cleaners The first […] read more

5 Small Living Room Decorating Tips

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Having a small living room doesn’t mean that your space to relax has to be a cluttered, disorganized mess. Make the most of the space you have by following a few tips for inexpensive, space-maximizing living room decorating. Tip #1- Clean Up Start with a “clean slate.” Move everything out of your living room and […] read more

4 Secrets of Creative Family Room Design

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When it comes to creative family room design, the big secret is no secret at all: Keep it simple and functional. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on making it look stylish. You can combine functionality and style in a room design that compliments the personality of your family. Here are 4 ideas […] read more

4 Decorating Ideas From Around the World

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Sometimes the best decorating ideas are inspired by places around the world. Decorate each room of your apartment with different décor from around the globe. Here are 4 decorating tips to help add some international style to your ordinary living space. 1. Create a Country French Living Room Bringing in the comfort and warmth of […] read more

Choosing the Right Media Center for Your Living Room Space

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Before going out and buying equipment for a media center, knowing some basic information about your living room arrangement will help you in making the best decisions regarding the equipment. Therefore, you will be completely satisfied with your purchases. Choosing the Right Flat Screen Measure the distance of how far you will be sitting from […] read more

Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

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This article will provide living decorating ideas, with an emphasis on the personalization of a living room, beginning with area rugs. Area Rugs and Tapestries An area rug, though functionally useless on carpet, nevertheless serves to brighten up your living room and break up the monotony of a single-color floor. Buy a rug that has […] read more