Aparment Decorating: Finding the Right Sofa to Match the Living Room

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Because of their size and as they are typically only a temporary homestead, apartment decorating is a difficult task. Finding the right sofa for your apartment is a special challenge.

The Right Sofa for the Size of the Room

Prior to making a final decision, you should first determine the appropriate size for your living room. Measure the space, making sure to leave ample room for your other furniture and walking-room. The most often overlooked measurement is often the most important one: the depth of the available space. The depth, or the actual sitting space, of a sofa varies depending on the fabric, brand and quality of manufacturing, and can be the determining factor in choosing which one is right for you.

The Right Fabric for Its Use

The next consideration must be of fabric and anticipated use. Children, pets and regular relocation take their toll on furniture. Should you expect extremely high wear and tear a slip covered sofa might be the best option. Leather and synthetic fabrics are the easiest to clean, a task accomplishable by either wiping the stain off or vacuuming. Cotton twill takes more effort to care for but is not impossible.

The Right Sofa for your Bank Account

Of course, cost is another main consideration. Keep in mind that you may need to move your new sofa several times before settling into your final residence, and any purchase must therefore be both resilient and versatile. A thinner fabric may rip or become worn during moving. A slip covered or re-covered sofa may be the best option, so make sure to check thrift-stores and slip-covered sofas. If you fall in love with a sofa outside your price range, check the manufacturer’s label and see where it is made, you may be able to purchase it directly and not through a retailer and save.

The Right Color to Show off Your Style

Aside from its comfort, your sofa will be best noticed for its color. A living room, after all, is the space where you will spend most of your time and entertain your guests. Your sofa is large enough both spatially and in its usage that its color is extremely important. A bold color will stand out, which may prove garish in a small or otherwise neutrally colored room. Additionally, unless a central theme in your decorating, a brightly colored sofa may not be the best choice simply because it will not work in any future residence. In contrast, a lighter color may blend with the walls, show more dirt or not provide the striking central piece of furniture you seek. As a middle ground between the two, slip-covers can be purchased in many different colors and fabrics, and therefore may enable you to showcase your different tastes in one piece.

Overall, shop around for your perfect sofa. Although you may not plan on staying in your current apartment long, a sofa is a piece you will always need, and therefore deserves your time, effort and funds. Compare prices and options from several different vendors and retailers, and purchase something you truly love.

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