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Apartment Safety: What to Do if Your Apartment Has Been Burglarized

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Unfortunately, burglaries happen and it is not something you can be mentally prepared to deal with. Being aware of what to do in these situations and the basics of apartment safety can help get you through an unfortunate and uncomfortable event such as a burglary. Many apartments do not have the security that a home […] read more

Roommate Legal Issues: What Are Your Rights if Your Name Is Not on the Lease?

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As a new roommate, you might find yourself with roommate legal Issues. Knowing your rights before you move in can save a lot of time and money in the future. When choosing a rental, there are different options to fit different needs. One option is to move in with someone who already has a leased […] read more

Can You be Sued for Unreported Apartment Damage?

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You’re all moved out of your old apartment and are settling into your new place. Suddenly, you get a phone call from your old landlord, informing you that he found damage to the apartment that you never reported. It may even be enough damage that he is asking for money beyond your security deposit to […] read more

New Carbon Monoxide Detector Laws

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Depending on where you live, the odds of your landlord being required to provide a carbon monoxide detector are going up. Many states, as well as individual cities, are passing new laws that require the detectors in rental units. On the state level, Maine, Washington and New Hampshire are among the most recent to create […] read more

How Do I Keep My Neighbor from Leeching My Wireless Connection?

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If at any moment you have thought to yourself, “How do I keep my neighbor from leeching my wireless connection?,” then you may find this information helpful. Living in close proximity to neighbors can be an Internet disaster, especially when you haven’t taken steps to protect your wireless service. Depending on your Internet speed and […] read more

Legal Options for Taming Noise From the Neighbors

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If you’re dealing with a troublesome situation involving noise neighbors make, you’re not alone. Issues about noise in a neighborhood are a classic part of the way Americans have to continually work to define a complex system of “rights for property owners”. Legally speaking, it all comes down to whether some homeowners or residents are […] read more

Filing Complaints About National Moving Companies

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When you are moving, especially long distance moving, the dependability and responsibility of the moving company you use is critical. National moving companies are presumed to fit the bill for these qualities. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where the national movers you used really let you down. Perhaps they behaved unprofessionally, stole from you, […] read more

A New Movement from Renters:

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If you turn on CNN, half the headlines you'll hear will mention the mortgage crisis and the bailouts that the U.S. government is planning for American homeowners facing foreclosures. But there are a couple of numbers that seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle: while the planned bailouts are being paid out of everyone's taxes, almost a third of Americans rent their homes. They're paying into the system, but they aren't benefiting. read more

Top Tenant-Landlord Legal Questions

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We first started this blog in 2005 and we wanted to bring a few posts back to the forefront to help those of you who will be moving this spring or summer. Because landlord-tenant issues are so common, the most important legal posts are grouped below. We hope these are useful as you start planning your next move. read more