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Protecting Your Belongings During a Move: Understanding Mover’s Valuation and Insurance

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Take a quick survey of your friends and chances are, many of them can share horror stories about moving companies that damaged their property during a move. This isn't surprising because lots of things can go wrong. Delicate items can be bumped and broken, boxes can be lost and both your new and old apartments can be damaged during the moving process. Many people assume that a moving company has insurance to cover loss and damage. The truth is a little more complicated. Because companies that offer insurance are regulated by the state, most moving companies do not actually offer insurance. Many moving companies do offer some protection to clients in the form of mover's valuation. read more

How to Take Your Landlord to Small Claims Court for Violating the Rental Agreement

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Sometimes, despite trying everything to avoid it, you might need to take your landlord to small claims court for violations of your rental agreement. The proper court procedures an necessary steps for a successful suit are complicated and can be confusing. Notify Your Landlord and Keep Records The first step you must have already done […] read more

How to File a Moving Insurance Claim

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No one likes to begin a move thinking about it, but you may have to file a moving insurance claim. The top reasons being, loss, damaged or stolen items. That’s why it’s so important to buy adequate insurance for the move, which means paying more than the amount the movers are required to offer according […] read more

7 Steps to File a Renters Insurance Claim

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For those who have to file renters insurance claim forms, a good process is key to being compensated for the loss of items due to theft, fire flooding or any other eventuality. Here are some steps that many renters include in the process of filing their renter’s insurance claim for the best chances of getting […] read more

Renters Insurance Explained: Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost

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Those who are looking for renters insurance for the first time may not be familiar with all of the terms for this kind of policy. In addition to the features that you want for your renters insurance (theft, fire and flood, water damage, dog bite coverage, etc.) there are also some other terms you may […] read more

Filing Complaints About National Moving Companies

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When you are moving, especially long distance moving, the dependability and responsibility of the moving company you use is critical. National moving companies are presumed to fit the bill for these qualities. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where the national movers you used really let you down. Perhaps they behaved unprofessionally, stole from you, […] read more

After an Apartment Fire…

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An apartment fire: whether it happens when you’re away or whether you have to flee a burning building, the loss of your home is a traumatizing event. If you didn’t previously have renter’s insurance, the event will likely motivate you to learn more or even take out a policy. If you did have renter’s insurance, this article will let you know the steps you need to take following an unexpected disaster like a fire. read more

Challenging Myths: Renters Insurance Edition

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Myth: Only people who rent a house need renters insurance. Reality: FALSE. According to the Bureau of Insurance, “Renters insurance is for anyone who rents an apartment, condo or house, instead of owning the premises.” Renters insurance provides protection for your personal property from perils such as fire or theft, and liability protection if you accidentally hurt someone or damage their property. read more