Filing Complaints About National Moving Companies

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When you are moving, especially long distance moving, the dependability and responsibility of the moving company you use is critical. National moving companies are presumed to fit the bill for these qualities. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where the national movers you used really let you down. Perhaps they behaved unprofessionally, stole from you, or cheated you out of money. It is then advisable to file a complaint.

The Corporate Office

The first step in filing complaints about national moving companies is to contact the corporate office of the national movers you used. Usually, each satellite office is run by different managers, and the corporate office may not be aware of any issue. Make them aware. Find out the appropriate person to speak with, and attempt to resolve the issue with this person over the phone. Keep a log of any phone conversations. Include who you spoke with and when. Also, send the corporate office a letter, so that you have something in writing illustrating your attempt to resolve the matter. Speaking with the corporate office may be all you need to do in order to resolve your complaint. If not, read on.

The Better Business Bureau

If the corporate office does not resolve the issue for you, another resource is the Better Business Bureau. There is no cost to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. You should file your complaint with the BBB office where the corporate headquarters is located, and you should file your complaint with the BBB office where the local company office is located. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may be able to file online. Some BBB offices still require you to submit your complaint in writing via mail. Include any supporting documents, such as your phone log, letter, and anything else you have. The BBB will attempt to act as a mediator to resolve the issue.

The American Moving & Storage Association

If the national movers you used are members of the American Moving and Storage Association, or other association, be sure to contact them. These associations have a code of ethics that members are meant to follow. See if you are able to file a complaint with them. The association may be able to mediate, or impose a resolution upon the moving company.

The Attorney General’s Office

If after filing with the BBB and contacting any applicable association, you still have not reached a resolution, contact your Attorney General’s office. Send the Attorney General a letter, including supporting documents, outlining the issue. The Attorney General is able to interpret consumer laws, and impose them upon the national movers. Make sure that you also contact your Attorney General’s office by phone to find out if there is any process that must be followed to file a complaint.

The Courts

If all else fails, you can hire an attorney. Your attorney will be able to file the proper paperwork for litigation.

The key is to try your best to avoid these situations. Make sure you do you homework, and research national moving companies before you make any move.

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