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How to Prevent a Break-In

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It’s not a pleasant topic, but one that merits at least a few minutes of your time. Break-ins occur. We read a statistic recently that break-ins take place once every 15 seconds. Certainly those doing the breaking-in don’t have a personal agenda to rob your apartment; in fact, they probably don’t even specifically target apartment […] read more

What to Do if Your Apartment Has Been Robbed

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Knowing what to do if your apartment is robbed can protect you against future theft, protect others in your community and ensure that you receive insurance payments. No one likes to think about this as a possibility, but all renters in all neighborhoods are vulnerable to burglars, though some much more than others. If your […] read more

Apartment Safety: What to Do if Your Apartment Has Been Burglarized

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Unfortunately, burglaries happen and it is not something you can be mentally prepared to deal with. Being aware of what to do in these situations and the basics of apartment safety can help get you through an unfortunate and uncomfortable event such as a burglary. Many apartments do not have the security that a home […] read more