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Renting from Family

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Renting a room or apartment from family may sound wonderful at first. Before you pack your bags, why not sleep on it for a little while? Letting the idea sink in and ensuring this is the right thing to do may end up saving you some time and a relationship. This time may also enable you to decide what you are going to do to ensure that your renting relationship is at a business level, securing your personal/family relationship. read more

Renting from an Owner vs. an Apartment Manager

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You have narrowed your apartment search down to two possibilities. One is managed by a property management company (PMC), or is a part of a large group of apartment communities (e.g., AMLI, Archstone-Smith, Equity Residential). The other is managed by an individual owner who may own a few properties or just the one rental you're looking at. Before you sign on the line, you weigh the pros and cons just like you are supposed to. What side of the list does this fall? Is it a pro or a con to rent from an individual landlord? read more

Top 5 Tips When you File a Complaint

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You've moved into a new apartment, your stuff is unpacked and you're finally settled in- and that's when you notice it. It might be the neighbor's insufferably loud music, a broken security gate, a clear fire hazard or water that smells like sewage running down the only set of stairs to get to and from your apartment. Get ready to file a complaint with your landlord or management company, because little will get fixed if you don't. But first, you'll need to take some steps to make sure you come out on top. Keep these five tips in mind to ensure that your complaint will not only be read, but that some action will be taken. read more

Tips for Lowering Your Monthly Rent on Move-In

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For most people, it would be unthinkable to buy a car without negotiating at the dealership. Why, then, do so few people bother to negotiate their rent? Perhaps it's because we think of our apartment rent in the same way we think of dinner out at a restaurant -- the price is simply non-negotiable. Except sometimes, rent is negotiable ... the trick is negotiating in the right way. But what's the best way to go about it? read more

California “Notice to Quit” Requirements Change

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California "Notice to Quit" Requirements Change: As of January 1st, 2007, new legislation has changed “notice to quit” requirements for California landlords. A notice to quit is a formal notice ending the rental agreement or a request that the tenant relinquish the rental property to the landlord. The new legislation requires landlords to give tenants a 60-day notice to quit, rather than the former 30-day notice requirement. The law only applies when the lease term is month-to-month and the tenant has rented the property for a year or more. If you are a California renter, keep these facts in mind: read more

Negotiating Rent When Resigning Your Contract

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When it’s time to renew your lease, you don’t necessarily have to succumb to your landlord’s demands. If you’ve been a good tenant, you can engage in some savvy negotiation to get a better deal. It’s always easier for the apartment management to have a guaranteed good tenant than to have to seek out a new tenant with unknown payment and residential habits. These suggestions may help you get on your way to negotiating a better agreement with your landlord when re-signing your lease. read more

What is a Lease Purchase Option?

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A lease option gives would-be buyers the chance to purchase a home, apartment, or condo space after renting it for a certain amount of time. There’s usually an extra fee paid at the beginning of the lease term that will allow you to enter into the lease-purchase option. Lease-purchase options are sometimes offered when the housing market is slow, in part to entice people who may not otherwise be interested in or capable of purchasing a home. Depending on your situation in life and your home-owning aspirations, a lease-purchase option may be appropriate for you. Some of the pros and cons of the lease-purchase concept are covered below. Some agreements put part of your rental payments toward the purchase price; others might only give you first option to buy if the owner decides to sell the property. Keep in mind that the situation will vary with individual contracts and agreements, so make sure you understand the full terms of the deal before signing anything. read more

How To Sublet Your Apartment

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So you’ve got a new job in a different town, or maybe you’re moving in with your significant other. Perhaps a flight of fancy has gripped you and you’ve decided to embark on a whirlwind journey across the world. Regardless of the reason, you need to move out of your apartment, and you want to find someone to sublet your apartment for the remainder of your lease term, or for as long as you’ll be away from the apartment. What do you need to know and do in this situation? The following tips will help you create a successful sublease experience. read more

Uncoding Your Lease’s Legal Jargon

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Unless you’re a real estate lawyer, a landlord, or you just like reading over lease documents, the legal terminology in your lease might not be used in your everyday vocabulary. Terms such as buyout clause, sublease, and termination could help you break your lease, if you know how to use the legal jargon to your advantage. Here are a few general terms to help you through your lease. read more